Adri, to the World Cup since Second: "Money is not everything"

The coach, Fede Vidal, announced the list of 16 players who will play the World Cup in Lithuania, which will be held from September 12 to October 3. The last two discards were Cecilio and Eric Pérez. Although there will be 14 summoned in each game, 16 travel to the appointment, so it will be possible to rotate in each clash.

One of them will be Adri (34 years old), who will play a World Cup … being in Second. His team, O Parrulo, descended last year. However, the Galician was one of the most prominent, and Fede Vidal trusts him. “I know that my case is very striking, but the technician told me that as long as I win it, the category does not matter to him”, emphasizes the one of Ferrol for AS from Jaén, where the National Team has a test against Japan today (20:15, TDP).

“There were many offers this summer. Some, like Betis, bet big. Also in Asia. I had the idea of ​​staying at home and, after doing numbers with my family, I left it closed, “he explains. to continue in O Parrulo the salary was lowered. “The entity is in a delicate economic situation. We will have a lot of young people and it will be my turn to be that figure that gives them support and helps them on the track. The objective is first to be comfortable in the table and then to try to reach the promotion playoff “, says about the challenges of his club in a Second always very close in our country.

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He he will lose, in the best of cases, the first four days for the World Cup event, since in Second they do not stop. In Ferrol he has a sports store, a small son … and he is an emblem. “They like me a lot”. After experiences in teams like ElPozo and the Russian Communist Party, Adri wanted to continue in his land. “Money is not everything”. In January 2021 there is European, and Adri also aspires to be in that appointment, now because of his merits in a lower division than the rest. “I will give everything to be able to be.”

And now, for the World Cup. “Spain is among those five or six favorites, but I am convinced that there will be surprises and that some will soon be on the way. Our first goal is to score all nine points in the group stage (Spain is measured with Paraguay on the 14th, with Japan on the 17th and rival today in the friendly, and with Angola on the 20th). Step by step. “Ask the fans for patience. “We will go from less to more. Against Uzbekistan there were comments for winning 1-0 … and they just beat Portugal, the European champion. Futsal is more and more even, they lose more one on one, the tactic it is very important … “, remarks the wing. The day of the final is the same as his 35th birthday. “I ask the season for the third star for Spain and the promotion.” Whatever happens, Adri stays home.

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