Adobe adds new features to iPad version of Photoshop

Adobe updated Photoshop for the iPad with two new tools: the Finger and Sponge tools, both present in the desktop version of the application.

THE finger tool It is used to blur and blend lines or colors and comes with the usual settings to adjust the size and intensity of the effect, along with a variety of modes (including normal, darken, lighten, hue, saturation, color and lightness).

THE sponge tool, meanwhile, it helps to retouch images by saturating or desaturating the color, allowing users to adjust the appearance of their images.


In addition, Adobe has also released a new update for Premiere Pro on the desktop, adding performance improvements for M1 Macs. With the new update, all M1 Macs now support hardware-accelerated exports to DCI 4K and 8K HEVC formats, which Adobe says will result in a “Performance significantly faster”.

In addition, Adobe also offers hardware acceleration for ProRes videos on M1 Max and M1 Pro chips of the latest MacBook Pro notebooks, delivering up to five times faster performance. Windows users with integrated Intel GPUs also get a boost with improved video playback.

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