The ADO Den Haag player group has not gone on strike and just wants to play against Top Oss on Saturday. The players are in conflict with the club over the amount of profit premiums and have threatened a strike, but entered the training field around 11 a.m. this morning. They did that a little later than usual.

After the training, captain Boy Kemper gave text and explanation. “We wanted to make a statement. We did that by going on the field later. We as a group of players support this decision. Today we did the warm-up and the rondo, then we went inside.”

The duel with Top Oss is not in danger, says Kemper. “We are now going to continue preparing for Saturday’s game. We train on Friday, we play on Saturday. The game is not in jeopardy, I can be clear about that. Winning Oss on Saturday only makes our statement even stronger.”

Evgeniy Levchenko, president of the players’ union VVCS, often mediated in conflicts between players and clubs over money. He usually saw it end well in the end.


Still, the current situation in The Hague is remarkable, he explains. “This issue is tricky, because ADO hasn’t moved at all so far.”

“The players are not currently on strike, but they have given the signal that the measure is full. They are also not asking anything crazy financially. They base the requested amount on market research and conversations with players from other clubs.”

The players previously had high hopes for an agreement, but were disappointed by the club management. “We are now being dismissed as money wolves. We are not. It seems that it is a money issue, but that is not entirely correct. Agreements have been made with us, which are not being fulfilled,” says Kemper.

Reporter Joep Schreuder went to The Hague and spoke briefly with players Eljero Elia, Luuk Koopmans and Finn Dicke.


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