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Adidas enters resale thanks to the support of TherdUp

Adidas, a German multinational, has decided to get involved in reselling to give the articles a second life. To do this, it has signed an agreement with the company TherdUp, which, thanks to its software, will help the project go ahead. In addition, if this project has the expected results, the company has stated that for next year, they will expand this service to all physical and digital stores.

How to use

Adidas’ resale project is known as Choose to Give Back. We can find it in the application Adidas Creator’s Club. It is very easy to use it, for this you only have to follow a series of steps.

Through the application you must create a prepaid shipping label for Clean Out Kit and stick it on the items you want to sell. Once this is done, the items will be sorted and, if any of them are not in good condition to be resold, they will be sent to TherdUp’s network of textile reuse partners.

“We are committed to establishing a circular future for sportswear and with the Choose to Give Back program, we are helping people see possibilities for a new life in old clothes.” states in a statement Katja Schreiber, Adidas Senior Vice President of Sustainability.

Sustainability plan

With this new resale project, Adidas intends to initiate a sustainability plan to end plastic waste. This is not the only initiative that the company has carried out. Apart from collaborating with TherdUp, Adidas has joined other companies such as Allbirds, to make shoes with low carbon dioxide emissions.

Adidas invested money in the latest round of financing it carried out Infinited Fiber Company, specialized in textile circularity.

Future goals

The company has in mind to carry out future sustainable projects such as use recycled polyester on all products (this will go live around 2024) and reduce carbon footprint.

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