Adam Through Time: A Sluggish Sci-Fi Adventure Comedy

Adam, played by Ryan Reynolds, whom nothing and no one can resist, travels back in time to try to save his wife and thwart the Machiavellian plans of an evil businesswoman. In the maneuver, Adam crashes and doesn’t get to the right year, falling on himself, twelve years old. From this starting point, Shawn Levy makes a rather winded and unconvincing science fiction comedy.

Levy had nevertheless put all the chances on his side to serve us a film at the height of his Free Guy, minus the fun part. The result is a succession of déjà vu and exchanges of feeble punchlines without any chemistry between the actors. Despite its first choice cast and convincing special effects, the sauce does not take and we are surprised to watch the hour halfway through the film as the action is sluggish.

Reynolds and the Levyverse.

The scenes follow each other without ever arousing a real interest in the story and its characters. Characters introduced and developed too quickly to allow real empathy. The actors and the spectator follow a marked and agreed route without taking any risks. The pop influence is very strong even if rarely explicit, and the rare moments that could take us for good in the story are defused by a valve or a situation that undermines the slightest dramatic effort to stay in the feel good movie plan- plan.

You don’t tie, that’s clearly not the goal.

We feel the desire to copy from the friends who have succeeded, we have the old-fashioned but charming song, we have the courageous mother, the boring but endearing son, the father who realizes his mistakes, the wicked woman who is supposed to be charismatic and diabolical but not too much, embodied by the impeccable Catherine Keener that we even digitally lifted for the occasion, the hero’s wife, badass but not too much to leave room for the said hero. We are in the perfect actioner s, except it’s 2022 and these kinds of movies don’t work as well as they used to. All these archetypes combined form a clumsy and awkward whole that the director struggles to follow through to the end of their story.

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All these efforts do not allow the film to take off. Reynolds makes Reynolds and we come to meta self-reference around Dead Poolan exercise already carried out in… Dead Pool about Green Lantern. Actors who self-reference and winnow themselves through interposed films can be funny but also very perilous and become an oversized ego problem “à la The Rock“One is more than enough.

adam through time photo mark ruffalo ryan reynolds 1417655
A messy father/son relationship.

In terms of action, same observation, the sequences end as quickly as they began, all without upsetting the spectator in his digestion. The humor is agreed and will make you smile at times, just like the sequences of emotions that are quickly dispatched so as not to make people cry in the cottages. Once again, the choice of rhythm and the erratic timing of the sequences prevent you from truly entering the story, to skim over it, sometimes painfully.

Despite its few qualities, this Adam through time does not convince and sounds like most productions netflix, good but not great. It remains friendly, very basic and quickly forgettable standard family entertainment.

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