Adam Levine rejects fan on stage and creates controversy (Video)

While singing in Hollywood during the charity concert “We can survive”, Adam Levine rejected a fan who came to join him on stage. On social networks, the behavior of the American artist was outraged.

On the video, which has millions of views on TikTok and Instagram, we see a young masked woman going on stage and grabbing the arm of Adam Levine, before being evacuated manually by a security agent.

Not really flattered by the gesture, the singer coldly ignored his admirer, before releasing a “f * uck” and walking away, shaking his shoulders disgustedly.

The sequence shocked many netizens, who accused the leader of the group Maroon 5 of despising his fans. A few days later, Adam Levine spoke in an Instagram story to extinguish the bad buzz.

“I have always been someone who loves, respects, reveres our fans. Without our fans, we don’t have a job. I say it all the time […] To think that someone could believe that I think our fans are inferior to us makes my stomach turn. It’s just not who I am, ”he said, before explaining his attitude of disgust. “When you’re surprised, sometimes you give yourself a good shake and move on. Because I am doing my job at the time. That’s what I’m proud of. ”

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