Actress Moushumi in a web series

Actress Moushumi is in the United States. It is said that Dhenki went to heaven but posed as Reis. The actress shot a web series there while traveling. Directed by Hasan Jahangir, the series “Contract Marriage” was filmed on location in Atlanta. Apart from directing, Hasan also starred in Moushumi.

Hasan Jahangir said that the series was produced under the supervision of World Wise organization Human Rights. He said: “Thriller story.” The rest of the characters in the series came around Moushumi. In the story it will be seen that Moushumi married Contra for two years after emigrating to America to settle there.

But he kept getting into trouble in connection with this marriage. He was exposed to various adverse situations in America. I will release the series on a platform in the country.

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