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Actress Markie Post (Scrubs, The Right Man, The Scott Brothers, Mary At All Costs …) has passed away

American actress Markie Post died this Saturday, August 7, due to cancer that she had been fighting for almost four years.

Her relatives, her husband, the writer Michael Ross, and her two daughters, actress Kate Armstrong Ross and Daisy Schoenborn, as well as her agent, announced the sad news that particularly moved fans of the series, but also her co-workers. play.

The actress, born on November 4, 1950 in Palo Alto, California, had been revealed to the general public in the 1980s in series such as The Incredible Hulk (in 1979), The Cruise Has Fun (in 1982), The Man Fallen (1981). -86) and Night Court (Night Court, 1984-92).

Later she played the mother of Doctor Elliot Reid, played by Sarah Chalke in the series Scrubs (2001-2010), the mother of Cameron Diaz in the movies in the comedy Mary at any price (1998) or that of Sophia Bush. Chicago PD Series (since 2014).

In 2018, he was in the cast of the series Santa Clarita Diet alongside Drew Barrymore and in recent years has also appeared regularly on the series “The Kids are Allright” despite chemotherapy.

After marrying Stephen Knox for the first time, the actress married writer Michael A. Ross in 1982, with whom she had two daughters. She had become a grandmother a few months ago.

The young actresses who have met her have paid long tributes to her on social media and cry in unison to a talented actress endowed with deep kindness, “a protective mother” for them, they say, in an industry not always tender with women.

“My sweet Markie… I don’t have the words. Devastated comes to mind. Collapse. Sorry. This woman. This ray of sunshine. Pure light. And kindness. Markie Post was a television icon. Bold. Funny. Still in the joke, usually before the rest of the assembly. She always had a deeper perspective on a character’s reality than was written in the script. When I lived in a box that made it profoundly difficult to be a woman who could exist and… breathe? Markie hugged me (…) He did it all with a smile and a laugh, and with more wisdom than most of us could hope to learn (…) Markie was the kind of mother who made you feel invincible. while giving you permission to be vulnerable and tender. I will never forget this mystical power. This rare duality. “

Hilarie Burton with whom he also starred on The Scott Brothers also paid tribute to him. “She was so good at loving people … The way she talked about her husband and her daughters … she wanted to be loved like that.” She wanted to LOVE me like this (…) She (also) played @sophiabush’s mom (…), making us sisters of television in some way. He was the kind of person everyone considered their dear friend, because I don’t think he knew he was less than that. But to her husband Michael and her daughters Kate and Daisy… thank you for sharing it with us. Loving him was a joy ”.

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