Actress Himi is now a singer

Jannatul Sumaiya Himi. Apart from acting talent, many people may not know that Himi has another talent. Just as Himi is good at acting, Himi also has a free reign in singing. Himi has learned music since childhood. This time, his fans will also hear songs in Himi’s voice.

Jannatul Sumaiya Himi sang for the first time. The drama ‘Paran Pakhi’ directed by Mahin Awlad and starring Himi and Niloy will be released on Dhruv TV’s YouTube channel on the moon night of Eid-ul-Fitr this year. Himi gave voice in a special song of that drama. His co-star is Avral Sahir. Lyrics of this song titled ‘Paran Pakhi’ are penned by Someshwar Oli. Composed by Avral Sahir.

Excited about singing for the first time, Himi said, ‘Despite learning music from childhood, singing never became mainstream. The focus was more on acting. But this time the director Mahin Awlad Bhai requested in such a way that the song had to be sung. The lyrics, melody and music of the song are amazing. I hope everyone likes the song.’

The song will be released on the YouTube channel of Dhruv Music Station on the day of Eid. Besides, the song can be heard on several domestic and international apps.

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