Actress from Kolkata fed cake to Shakib in Cox’s Bazar

Actress from Kolkata fed cake to Shakib in Cox's Bazar

Shakib Khan is busy shooting for upcoming Eid-ul-Azhar movie Priyatma. Shakib Khan has to be in front of the camera day and night to ensure his release on Eid. Shakib Khan was shooting in Cox’s Bazar district on the Bay of Bengal on Sunday. But Sunday was a special day in Shakib’s career.

Two eras ago, ie 24 years ago, on this day, Shakib Dhakai was anointed as an actor in films.

Shakib was showered with wishes from fans and well-wishers throughout the day. He was also noticing them on social handles during shooting. Shakib’s shooting unit, ‘Priyatma’ director Himel Ashraf or Idhika Pal who came from Kolkata to share the screen with Shakib were not forgotten.

So Idhika Pal suddenly stopped the shooting and ate the cake.

Basically, this bright moment of Shakib’s career was celebrated by cutting a cake in the gap of shooting in Cox’s Bazar. At this time, everyone from the shooting unit was present to celebrate Shakib Khan’s 24 years and wished him well for the upcoming period.

On this special day of career, Shakib said, ‘Today is the special day of my film career.

I will never forget this day. Because I can never forget all the people who have contributed to my film. I will always remember Sohanur Rahman Sohan bhai, Aziz Reza bhai in particular, as always. I express gratitude to those who remembered me, wished me.’

Starting from 1999’s ‘Anant Bhalosha’ to 2023’s ‘Leader I am Bangladesh’.

He completed 24 years of career on Sunday. Crossing two eras of films, this hero is having a great time. The time he dreamed of one day, the dream that wouldn’t let him sleep. From Narayanganj to FDC, FDC to Kakrail, door to door knocking of directors – did all. After many ups and downs, he is ruling this arena today.

In 1999, no one thought that the Hangla-thin boy of Sohanur Rahman Sohan’s ‘Anant Bhalosha’ would rule the film one day. No hero can be found anywhere near Shakib Khan in terms of success and popularity.

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