Actor Rahul Dev was forced to be a part of Bigg Boss because he said, even after doing so much work

Actor Rahul Dev was forced to be a part of Bigg Boss because he said, even after doing so much work

The name of Bollywood actor Rahul Dev is included in the list of well-known actors in the industry. Rahul Dev’s name is taken among the talented actors, who have proven themselves by the brilliant performance of him not only in Bollywood but also in South Industry. Rahul is a single father and takes care of his son alone. Rahul Dev has spoken about his struggles as a single father and the difficulties he faces coming back to the industry.

Actor Rahul Dev’s wife, Reena Dev, passed away in the year 2009. Recently, Rahul Dev has shared his grief and experience as a single father. Rahul Dev told FM Canada in an interview that parenting is not easy at all. Women have an important role in raising children. The way she understands children, probably because she has given birth to a child. A woman has a lot of patience for children. She also tried and did a lot, but there were times when she used to lose her temper. She had to try to be a mother and a father at the same time.

The actor further said that when he used to go to the parent-teacher meeting at school, he used to see his mother along with most of the children. I was very restless at that time. Talking more about his return, Rahul Dev said that it is very painful and there is a lot that I don’t want to remember. The actor further said that I pray that this does not happen to anyone that has happened to me. Easier said than done in the movies. In the movies you see someone become a widow and start over, but it’s very difficult to start over.

The actor further said that when his son left for England to continue his studies, he decided to go to Mumbai and come back again. Talking more about Bigg Boss, the actor has said that even after doing so much work, he imagines that Bigg Boss… the actor said that he participated in Bigg Boss 10 because he didn’t have a job. The actor also said that I will not blame anyone for this because in our line the market moves very fast and then 4 and a half years is a long time.


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