American actor Kevin Spacey has to pay the creator of the Netflix series House of Cards more than 26 million euros for the damage the company has suffered as a result of the firing of Spacey for sexual misconduct.

An arbitration decision upheld by the Los Angeles court found that Spacey breached his contract for “behaviour toward employees in each of the five seasons of House of Cards in which he starred and executive produced.”

Anthony Rapp

Spacey was discredited in 2017 for allegedly assaulting actor Anthony Rapp in 1986. That would have happened when the then 14-year-old Rapp was at a party with Spacey.

Two days after the news became known, Netflix stopped shooting the sixth season of House of Cards, “to review the situation and to pay attention to possible concerns from the actors and employees”.

Series contributors told CNN shortly afterwards that Spacey regularly made sexually explicit and abusive comments and had groped young male colleagues.

Production company MRC was forced to write Spacey’s character from the sixth season and reduce the number of episodes from thirteen to eight. That has cost the company tens of millions, according to the court document.

End of career for now

With the accusation of Rapp, the successful career of 62-year-old Spacey came to an end for the time being. He apologized to Rapp, but there was nothing left to salvage, especially after more allegations of sexual misconduct followed.

So far there has been no conviction. Rapp’s case foundered in court and a Massachusetts prosecutor dropped a man’s assault charges by Spacey for lack of evidence.


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