Actor is accused in the case of human trafficking that Danna Paola had denounced at a concert

Nobody ever imagined that the complaint made by the artist Danna Paola in the middle of his concert in Guadalajara about the disappearance of the mother of a little fanatic, it would coincide with the human trafficking case of which actor Mickey Santana is being accused.

In the month of February, the Mexican singer took advantage of her musical presentation to make it known that the family of Ana Victoria Ruiz Palacios, originally from Jalisco, lost track of her on April 12, 2022, when she took a flight to Mexico City to meet her boyfriend, Miguel Santana Arellano, who was supposed to give her an engagement ring.

“His mother is missing and I know we will find her. Not one more Guadalajara, enough. As an artist, as a woman, I want to tell you this because I think it’s time to continue doing justice. Believe me, you’re not alone,” said Danna, in February, before those present at his concert in Guadalajara, reports El Universal.

Immediately, the video of the moment went viral on social networks and reached the ears of the journalist Addis Tuñón, host of “De Primera Mano”, where Marypaz Palacios, Ana Victoria’s mother, has offered some statements about the situation of which The televisa actor who had participated in productions such as “Friends Forever” and “Accomplices to the Rescue” is charged and of which the authorities are already aware.

Marypaz says that she began to worry, since her daughter sent her “very short messages that she was busy, that she was talking to her right now.” In addition to recalling that “Miguel asked her not to notify anyone that she would go to Mexico City to see him, she told him to only inform that she would go to see some friends.”

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“Their relationship was like toxic, this child was very aggressive, from what my daughter told me, she saw him on the phone, she was jealous, sometimes she told us: When I’m with Miguel, don’t talk to me, I’m not going to answer them,” Marypaz continued. .

The Palacios family lawyer also explained that the disappearance of Ana Victoria is being investigated along with that of other women and the existence of a gang that is dedicated to committing this type of crime.

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