Actor Farooq Embroiled in Controversy Over Alleged 16 Taka Goat Scandal

Country in Turmoil Over Goat Scandal

The controversy surrounding the purchase of a goat for Tk 1.5 lakh has been dominating the headlines since before Eid al-Adha. The incident has sparked widespread debate and scrutiny, with many questioning the source of the funds used to purchase the goat.

Actor Farooq Ahmed Shares Emotional Story of Childhood Goat

In a surprising turn of events, talented actor Farooq Ahmed has come forward to share a heartwarming story of his childhood experience with a goat. According to Ahmed, he once purchased a goat for Tk 16, which holds emotional memories for him.

The Story of the Goat

Ahmed recalled that he was returning to Dhaka from Manikganj when he suddenly saw a black goat. He was so taken by the goat that he decided to buy it, despite his parents’ initial reluctance. The goat was purchased for Tk 16, after some negotiation, and Ahmed’s father eventually agreed to give him the remaining Tk 11 out of his pocket.

A Lesson in Honesty

However, the goat died three months later, leaving Ahmed heartbroken. His father consoled him, saying he would buy him a more beautiful goat. Ahmed realized that his father could not afford to buy another goat for him, but appreciated the honesty and integrity of his father’s actions.

Government Official Embroiled in Goat Scandal

In related news, government official Matiur Rahman, who was involved in the goat scandal, has been removed from his post as President of Customs, Excise and VAT Appellate Tribunal of NBR. He has been attached to the Ministry of Finance and also removed from the board of directors of Sonali Bank.

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A Call for Transparency

The controversy surrounding the goat scandal has raised questions about the transparency and accountability of government officials and their wealth. As the country continues to grapple with the fallout of this scandal, many are calling for greater transparency and accountability from those in power.

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