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Action: 6 things not to do in store, according to employees

Candles, furniture, cakes, beauty products… The shelves of the hard-discounter Action are filled with various and varied products, most often at very attractive prices. And for good reason: the average selling price of products in Action stores in France is 1.72 euros, confided the general manager of the sign in France Wouter De Backer to Business Insider France last year. A multiplicity of products that make life difficult for employees of the brand, who sometimes have to go behind disrespectful customers and put away their mess.

Last January, the Dutch hard-discounter opened its 2000th store in Europe and then explained that it had 65,000 employees on the continent. In France, an employee explains to us that “normally, [ils n’ont] not allowed to talk” about their work. Despite everything, some employees still agreed to confide with a borrowed first name from Capital on some aspects of their job that could sometimes annoy them. Rudeness, theft, incessant requests… Customers are often blamed. Capital tells you about the six situations that drive Action employees crazy.

Putting the mess on the shelves


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On a daily basis, Action employees are responsible for tidying up the store so that the shelves are as presentable as possible: this is called “nivelling”. But the task is difficult when the customers don’t put in their effort and leave everything behind them… Paul*, a former employee in Hauts-de-France, says: “I saw customers who dropped items on the ground, did not apologize, and left.” In Brittany, Nathalie* talks about “customers who do not respect anything for the most part”. “You have to come to believe it,” laments the manager.

As for Justine*, a former employee of another Breton Action, it is the clothes that cause her the most problem: packing one by one, which takes forever.” In Centre-Val de Loire, Lisa* procrastinates: “It’s part of our tasks, so it’s normal… even if it can be annoying to see the non-respect of some.”

Asking the same question a hundred times



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Every week, Action offers exclusive products in promotions, which most often arrive on Wednesdays. However, not all customers are aware of this delivery day, and can spend their week asking employees for the arrival date of their favorite product. Marion*, employed in Belgium, remembers the latest collective madness to date: “It was for a garden furniture that we couldn’t receive because there weren’t enough stocks, for two days we were asked the question continuously”. Also, customers blame employees for the absence of certain products, arguing that they were present in another Action store. “I always explain to them that if this product was in a neighboring store, we must have also received it: it’s just that there are no more!”, exasperated Lisa *, employee of a store in Centre-Loire Valley.

steal products

The large size of Action stores and the multiplicity of products available can seem like a paradise for thieves. A candle in your pocket, a phone charger in your bag… so many small products that are often stolen from Action stores. “The level of theft is extreme, it’s incredible, says Nathalie*, manager of a Breton store. We have a huge breakage rate. Some steal small things, but I’ve seen someone steal a can of detergent.” A former employee of another Breton store, Justine* remembers well the customers caught in the act, who “swore, however, that they had nothing to do with it.”

Asking too specific questions

Unlike large numbers of employees in supermarkets, Action employees are not dedicated to a department: they can change tasks every morning, and are therefore not necessarily specialists in one area. “The problem for customers is that they get annoyed if you don’t know exactly how to use a product. We can’t know everything!” laments Nathalie*, manager of a Breton store. Same story for Paul*, former employee of an Action in the North: “We can sometimes inform customers using our personal knowledge, but that’s all. We are catch-all employees”, he believes.

Being rude to sellers

It’s a scourge that affects the whole business: it seems that some customers can’t help being rude. The phenomenon is observed all the more at the beginning of the month, estimates Marion*, 25, employee of a Belgian Action: “When people receive their salary, we have more people to manage, quite difficult clients.” All this would also depend on the time of year, according to Paul*, a former employee in a store in Hauts-de-France: “I remember that at Halloween time, it was complicated. A customer ransacked the department I was in charge of and when I told him to be careful, he told me to shut up and that’s what I was there for.

In Brittany, Justine* explains that she received training to manage these moments of crisis. However, things sometimes go even further: in Occitania, Lucie* says that she has already had to deal with “irritated customers” who tried to attack her, hit her or who insulted her.

Arrive at the last moment


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To prepare for the closing of the store, the employees often close the doors a few minutes before the fateful hour. This is what Marion*, an employee of an Action Belge, did: “It was 6:15 p.m. and the store closed at 6:30 p.m., so we were no longer accepting customers. A lady arrived and forced her hand to go in anyway, which we refused. The woman then flew into a rage, uttering threats and yelling at the employees. “We learned that he only needed one drink to make a cocktail…and on top of that the big box right next to the store was open later.”


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