The proposal to extend the period from four to six years the presidency of the Dominican Olympic Committee (COD) will face the current head of the organization, Antonio-Colin-Acosta, when it is debated in the reviewing assembly on November 16.

The controversial motion was presented by the member of the COD, Rafael Villalona, ​​and discussed last October 5 during the assembly of federations

“We raised our opposition. We do not believe that the process should be increased to six years ”, Acosta stated during his appearance at the Sports Café of LISTÏN DIARIO.

Villalona’s proposal has the objective of temporarily extending the next period of the COD executive committee so that its electoral assemblies are not held in the middle of the Olympic cycles.



He acknowledges that it is difficult to assume the presidency of an institution like that in the middle of an Olympic cycle, although in his case it was not traumatic to continue the work for the Tokyo Games because he held the position of vice president when he relieved Luis Mejía Oviedo at the end January of this year.

“He suggests that the Olympic cycles must be homologated because, as in our case, it is not correct that in the middle there is a change of presidency.”

“We do not agree and we point it out. This is going to bring some noise, but it is democratic and will be submitted in the assembly. We will maintain the position that it should be four years, ”he said.

The experience will not be new in the country, given that in 2010 the congressional and municipal elections were held for six-year periods under the argument of unifying them with the 2016 presidential elections.

That will be one of the neuralgic points that will be debated on November 16 in an attempt to adapt the statutes of the governing body of Olympic sport in the Dominican Republic.

12 years

Acosta considers it healthy for the institutionality of the Dominican Olympic Committee to limit the tenure of a leader to a maximum of 12 years.

That will be one of the amendments that “Colin Acosta”, the nickname with which he is also known in the sports environment, will try to be made during the statutory assembly of the COD.

“We are in favor of a president being re-elected twice, as is the case with the presidential terms of the IOC (International Olympic Committee),” he declared.

“We believe that this is the correct model”, during his appearance at the Listin Diario Sports Café shared with this reporter and the sports editor Héctor J.Cruz. .

This position would not include the incumbents of national federations, which, like the international ones, do not have duration limitations in their positions.

Nor to the other members of the executive committee of the COD. “It is not fair that the secretary general, the vice and the others have to go with me”, The International Olympic Committee, the entity that governs the Committees of all the countries of the world, has as a rule that a leader can be elected to the presidency for four years and to remain for two consecutive periods, entitled to a single re-appointment or a third term, but win or lose, you can never choose again.

That would give him a chance to be in the position for 12 years, but never run again.

“There must be a limitation of terms, I believe that the leadership of the presidency should not be a leadership of such a long time,” he said.

“I understand that there are many young leaders here, that there are many people who can lead the Dominican Olympic Committee,” argued Acosta.



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