"Acosta is more obsessed than the rest for being the best"

Jorge Lorenzo is visiting Alcañiz, where he had dinner on Friday with the new gem. Of MotoGP, he says he sees “many similarities” between Quartararo and his 2010 title.

-What joy to see you again on a circuit, although dressed as a person and without doubts about what you are going to do.

-I’ts something new for me. It was a shock yesterday when I entered the paddock and saw it empty, because it is usually full. It shocked me because, when you retire and do other things, it completely changes your chip. In a short time you forget about this very quickly and it shocks you when you return. I am very happy to see old friends again, many people with whom I have had a relationship for so many years. It is amazing to be in your environment without the pressure of having to make the best possible result.

-Who have you been most excited to meet again with?

-Yesterday I got into the Honda truck and I was with Alberto (Puig), with the Japanese. Today I have been with the Ducati ones and I will surely go to see the Yamaha ones later. And people who have worked with me.

-And a pilot?

– I have seen Maverick and Arbolino, that I am friends with him, but not much because they are to his roll.

-How do you see this World Cup from the outside?

-I am struck by the similarity between Fabio’s (Quartararo) current situation and mine in 2010. His greatest rival, Márquez, was injured, and in my case it was Rossi. He is 23 years old, as I was. It is his first option to win his first World Cup and he has a lot of advantage over his first rival, as I had with Pedrosa. His riding style is a lot like mine and he’s at Yamaha. It’s all very, very similar.

-How many titles do you predict for him?

-The fact that Marc is injured in the arm helps him a lot at the level of rivals, because there is no strong one who is fighting with him. Márquez will fight, because I have no doubt that he will be there again and will fight for titles. With a Marquez without that injury and perfect, it would have been much more difficult for him, even if he was more mature and making fewer mistakes.

-Will you reach your three titles with Yamaha?

-May he win as many as possible, because I like him very well and he’s a good boy. He deserves it, because he works a lot and is very good technically.

-He said he saw Maverick. What do you think of your situation?

-Maverick has always had a great talent. He has been very fast since he was little, but he has had a special character, let’s say, and complicated. At some points in his career, especially when he was younger, he has done drastic things. This has been a very drastic decision with which in theory it changes for the worse, due to the history of Yamaha and Aprilia, although now it is improving, but for a rider sometimes the mental side counts more than the competitiveness of the bike. If he finds the motivation, happiness and energy to push with conviction in Aprilia again, it will be a good decision.

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-Who will be number one in that box?

-That’s a good question. It will not be easy to solve. For speed and talent, Maverick is theoretically superior, although Aleix has taken advantage of the Aprilia in recent years and knows it a lot. In addition, Aleix is ​​a hard worker who is physically very strong and knows more about the strengths and weaknesses of that bike. In some one will win and in others the other.

-The explosiveness of Jorge Martín reminds me of the first Lorenzo in MotoGP.

-Jorge Martín is one of the most explosive pilots I have ever seen. It has that quality of taking everything out of a lap, from the tires and the bike. I was very explosive, especially in two and a half and in the early years of MotoGP, with the qualifying tires, but there were also other explosives. And in the race it is also very good, but it does not stand out as much as one lap because it is very explosive there. When he gains experience he will be one of the favorites for the title.

-Which of the three best rookies in each category has the most merit this year?

-The one who has surprised the most has been Pedro Acosta, without a doubt. It is true that in the Junior World Championship they already have great bikes, but to arrive at the World Championship at the age of 16, and win, and surely win the World Cup … That is something that only Capirossi did and by a few points while he has a lot of advantage, and with many victories. You can only do that if you are really special and have worked hard, because this kid, with whom I had dinner yesterday, is obsessed with motorcycles. On Mondays, after the races, he starts training again with the bike. He doesn’t give himself a day off, because he loves it and because he’s obsessed with being the best. That is the way and it reminds me a lot of me when I was young. He is more obsessed than others and thinks much more than others about being the best. That is the difference, not that he is much more talented than the others.

-How do you see Rossi’s farewell?

-It’s sad, because at the level of charisma and personality he has been the most charismatic in history. It will be difficult to find another pilot like that. I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but it’s going to be complicated, because of the people who moved. It has done a lot of good for motorcycling. It was a moment that had to come, because it reached the greatest of all sports, the Jordan, Ali, Maradona. It is something unavoidable in life. When you get older, you lose your faculties and it happened to Valentino. He had to make this decision because every year it showed more.

-He’s going to be the father of a girl. Are you envious?

(Smile). No, honestly not.

-Will it ever be?

-I do not know. It is not mandatory, but it sure is something beautiful and important in life.

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