Acosta: “I have flown six meters high and fifty long”

Pedro Acosta he is feeling well, both physically and emotionally after the very hard accident he suffered in the second Moto3 race. After going through the Austin circuit clinic, where it was found that he did not suffer any injury, he attended with the good humor that characterizes AS.

-The heart has been in a fist with the fall of the three. Was it a miracle that nothing serious happened?

-Yes. Little has been lacking, little has been lacking. I don’t know why we are falling on the straight. I have not understood very well. Migno’s, yes, because when we go seven or eight in a group it is normal that if someone falls, someone else will hit them. I have also impressed with him, but thank goodness that I am well. The first impact was with my back and that is why I stayed a bit on the ground, but without consequences.

-How many meters have you flown?

-I do not know. I only saw earth, sky, earth, sky until I stopped. Well, she was pretty, huh?

-Don’t say that, for God’s sake, the scare has been enormous.

-Yes, but good.

-Has it touched or touched the side wall?

-I don’t know right now, I don’t know what to say.

-Do you think something when you spend so much time seeing heaven and earth?

-No, just how to move. I think we have moved well to have the least possible consequences.

-What does the race result tell you? In the end he was eighth, which with Foggia’s second leaves him with a 30-point advantage in front of the general and with a remote title ball already in Misano 2.

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-30 points? You have to believe. We finished eighth and could have finished worse, without scoring. I stay with that.

-Thank you very much, Jaws.

-Thank you.

(After half an hour, AS spoke to Acosta again, who had already reviewed the fall).

-Have you seen the fall yet?

-Yes and I calculate that I flew six meters high and 50 meters away. And yes I have hit the wall, which has made me spin like a top. I felt the blow on my back and I saw that I could move, which has reassured me.

-I scare like hell, but just scared happily.

-Yes, but what cannot be is that we fall on the straight. We have three losses this year and something needs to be done. Of course, I wanted to go out again and I was wearing my overalls in the box for it.

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