Acer introduces its first smart electric bike

Acer is a well-known brand in the IT segment, especially in the laptop niche. However, the Taiwan-based company is now entering the electric mobility segment with the presentation of its first electric bicycle.

This is called ebii and its main asset, according to Acer, is its smart component. Thanks to the incorporation of several AI technologies, this is a bike that will learn from your mobility habits.

Acer ebii is the new electric bicycle with Artificial Intelligence

In a segment that is clearly growing, the different brands that operate in it are making an increasing effort to differentiate themselves from their competitors. For Acer, this could be achieved thanks to the intelligent component of its first electric bicycle.

With the incorporation of ebiiAssist technology, the Asian brand aims to help cyclists make their journeys easier and with less effort. Thanks to AI, this is a bike that learns from your habits.

An example of this is the absence of a switch to change gear on this electric bike. This task is delegated to ebiiAssist, which will automatically adapt power to pedaling and riding conditions.

acer ebii

It also has an application for smartphones that will allow you to control various aspects of this electric bike. For example, through the ebiiGO app you can unlock the bike. But when you walk away from it, the ebii will automatically lock for safety.

This application is also used to plan your routes whenever you leave home. Through the app you can also collect useful information such as battery life or driving speed.

This is a sleek, lightweight bike with a 110km range.

As you can already see in the images, the Acer ebii is a stylish, contemporary and easy to transport bike. Thanks to its aluminum alloy construction, this is a bike that only weighs 16kg.

A very curious detail of this bike lies in its 20 x 2.2″ puncture-resistant tires. Acer has developed Air Form tires that will give all cyclists greater peace of mind.

acer ebii

The specifications of this electric bicycle tell us that its battery will be enough to cover 110 km on a single charge. It can be charged in just 2.5 hours and its battery can also serve as a power bank for other electronic devices.

The Acer ebii has a 250W hub motor, with 40Nm of torque and a top speed of 25km/h. It features 160mm hydraulic disc brakes that provide efficient performance and control in any weather.

Unfortunately, Acer has not provided information on the date on which its motorcycle will go on the market, nor its price. Information that we hope to know soon.

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