Accused of robbing boxer Aamir Khan’s diamond watch confess their guilt

Famous Pakistani-origin boxer Aamir Khan lost his diamond watch in a street robbery last year, the accused who robbed it have now confessed to the crime.

The 2 robbers who robbed the 86 thousand dollar watch of Pakistani boxer Amir Khan in London at gunpoint have confessed to the crime. The watch was studded with diamonds and the price of the watch in Pakistani currency was around 2 crore 43 lakh rupees. .

Dante Campbell, 20, and Ahmed Bana, 25, pleaded guilty in a London court, with their sentences to be announced at a later date.

Detective Constable Stuart Ponder said that these men had planned the incident and they knew who they were robbing and what they were robbing. There was no hesitation in giving.

The robbery took place in April last year when Aamir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom came out of a restaurant in East London.

Police traced the incident to Ahmad Bana’s silver Mercedes car on CCTV, and through it, Dante Campbell, both of whom were arrested on June 22.

Aamir Khan told the court during a hearing that I am a sportsman and a fighter, I have faced many difficult situations, but this was different. It was a very frightening event.

“When he pointed the gun at my face, I couldn’t recognize him because he was wearing a mask,” he told the court. I turned my face away because I didn’t want him to fire.

“Anyone who is a victim of a robbery should report it to the police immediately, this gives us forensic evidence and helps us prosecute violent criminals,” Stuart Ponder said.

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2 more people involved in the incident were arrested who were watching over Aamir Khan in the restaurant, later released by the court, while a person named Hamza Kevelin has been declared as an advertiser.

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