According to this video, no crypto wallet is safe

Last week, the blockchain world was terrified when it emerged that Ledger’s hardware wallets were not as secure as intended. Now a security firm claims that the Trezor Model T and other models hack too are.

Trezor crypto wallets unsafe?

In the YouTube video below, the crypto security company Unciphered explains how you can steal coins from the popular hardware wallet. A lot has to happen. For example, not only must the printed circuit board be removed from the device, it must also be mounted on an extra printed circuit board that the company has specially made for this purpose. Uncipered then links the construction to a computer.

The private keys can be removed from the hardware wallet because the chip in the wallet has a hardware security problem. In fact, the STM32 chip allows you to read the information stored on the embedded flash chip, after which you can read it on another device.

That means that even firmware updates cannot fix the problem. The Trezor Model T therefore remains vulnerable, perhaps until the manufacturer releases a new version.

Trezor told CoinDesk that it doesn’t have enough information to work out exactly how Unciphered carried out the attack, but the process resembled a tactic used three years ago. also surfaced.

Like the Unciphered tactic, that attack requires physical access to the device. The wallet cannot be hacked remotely. The manufacturer also emphasizes that you can make your wallet a lot more secure by simply choosing a good password. Thus, the attack used would already fail.

Unciphered can do all hack crypto wallets

Hardware wallet manufacturers have been a source of controversy in recent times. France’s Ledger in particular has come under a lot of criticism since it announced that it can recover the coins from your Ledger Nano hardware wallet if you lose your login details. But many users of hardware wallets want no one to be able to find your coins in alternative ways.

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Unciphered states on its website that it basically of all crypto wallets can extract coins. This applies not only to the two wallets that Trezor sells, but also to hardware from Ledger, popular software wallets such as Exodus and MyEtherWallet and other wallets.

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