According to the eastern government, there were more than 2,000 dead and 1,200 missing in Libya due to the passage of Cyclone Daniel

The eastern Libyan authorities They confirmed this Monday that at least 2,000 people have died and many others are missing because of the passage of Storm Daniel, a storm that has also caused devastating damage in the extreme southeast of Europe.

This was confirmed by the Prime Minister appointed by the Libyan House of Representatives. Osama Hamadain statements to Al Masar television in which he clarified that this toll was limited only to the Derna district, located in the northeast of the African country on the Mediterranean coast.

Appeal to international organizations

In this sense, the Interior Minister of the executive branch installed in the East, Issam Abu Zariba, has confirmed the same number of victims of the torrential rains. He also called on international organizations to provide aid to the country, according to Al Hadath news channel.

The constant rains in the district have prompted Prime Minister Hamada to declare Derna a disaster zone. The House Foreign Affairs Committee has called for urgent international cooperation to mitigate the effects of “Daniel”.

“The solidarity of Egypt, its government and its people”

From neighboring Egypt, President Abdel Fattá al Sisi sent a message on his official Facebook profile expressing his “most sincerest condolences” to the Libyan people and reaffirming “the solidarity of Egypt, its government and its people.” with their “brothers” from Libya.

Storm Daniel hit the southeastern tip of the European continent last week, shaking countries Greece, Bulgaria or Türkiye, where almost thirty deaths were confirmed. The forecast now assumes that the storm will move east towards Egypt, albeit with decreasing intensity.

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