With its looks like a big Blockbuster of mass destruction, Moonfall by Roland Emmerich will arrive in our cinemas for the February 9, 2022. With Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson and Michael Pena, moonfall will tell the apocalyptic story of our satellite, the Moon, which will cause a whole lot of meteorological upheavals by suddenly leaving its orbit. The fault is attributed to a mysterious supernatural force, which had hidden until then on the hidden face of the Moon. A team of scientists will have to fight this entity.

The parent of 2012, the day after or White House Down is therefore preparing to return with a film making extensive use of its plots: namely the action under testosterone and the appetite for mass destruction. moonfall has a colossal budget of $150 million excluding marketing costs, which means that it will take a huge worldwide success for the film to break even.

In an interview with comicbook.com, Roland Emmerich explains how he might be interested in a second film moonfall if the first meets its audience. He also alludes to the fact that there’s enough story material to tell this second film, arguing that the moon colliding with Earth is only secondary to the story:

“Yeah, maybe [Moonfall] is cool because then we could continue the story, but that will only happen if the movie is successful. Do not forget. The Moon falls to Earth, but that’s a side story. The point is more what’s inside the Moon, I strongly believe that we don’t deliver the real movie in the trailer. ยป

It is now up to the film to galvanize the crowds, two months after the tornado No Way Home who is currently 1.636 billion dollars in worldwide receipts. Its mainstream popcorn film side should have the power to register it as a great success, making it possible to make up for the disappointment Midwaywho had collected only 127 million dollars in revenue for 100 million excluding marketing costs.


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