According to a report, Siri will get a big boost in iOS 18

Apple plans to use it expanded speech models in iOS 18 to make Siri smarter, according to The Information.

With this improvement, Siri can help users automate complex, multi-step tasks with voice-based commands. For example, you could ask Siri to take a series of five photos, turn them into an animated GIF, and send the result to a friend—all in one action.

Siri’s functionality is similar to what’s possible with the Shortcuts app, with Siri likely to be more deeply integrated with Shortcuts.

Shortcuts have become an important part of the iPhone operating system and can be used to automate complex actions. Apple maintains a gallery of shortcuts for almost everything.

According to the information, Apple intends to release the new Siri features as part of the iPhone operating system next year. suggesting that it will be part of iOS 18.

Many Siri tasks are performed on the device rather than through a cloud server, so Apple must strike a balance between privacy and functionality when adopting voice models for Siri.

The iOS 17 update, which will be released to the public in a couple of weeks, brings little new in terms of Siri features. In iOS 17, Siri is able to recognize and respond to multiple consecutive requests without requiring re-enabling, which was not possible in iOS 16.

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