According to a new report, AI will wipe out 40% of jobs

Recently, the Institute for Business Value (IBM) issue a report about the role of artificial intelligence in society. According to IBM, AI is a technology with great potential that will have a major impact on current jobs. Luckily, they also shed light on how to properly use AI that will benefit everyone the most.

The influence of artificial intelligence on jobs is enormous

Artificial intelligence, often referred to as artificial intelligence, will destroy millions of jobs. Where automation and machines replaced manual work in the last century, AI will now also replace a lot of thinking.

It The World Economic Forum (WEF) forecast that 85 million jobs will be affected between 2020 and 2025. However, there is also a downside. Courses such as “AI Engineering” are very popular and the need for programmers is enormous. While 85 million jobs will be lost, 97 million jobs will be created.

AI also has the potential to improve workers’ skills. While some are currently still engaged in repetitive office work, AI will give them the ability to focus on tasks that AI is not yet sufficiently developed for. Programs like ChatGPT save employees a lot of time that they can use for more productive tasks.

Don’t let AI automate “bad” tasks

There was something to read on our site recently that artificial intelligence was able to detect more than 100,000 frauds and other wrongdoings. The self-thinking program was developed by the State University of California. It is a good example of the positive sides of innovative technology.

In order to be good with AI, IBM advises not to automate “bad” tasks. Instead, the system needs to be turned on its head to make better use of artificial intelligence. If a task was repetitive and unnecessary to begin with, it might as well be left out. In this way, society can gradually prepare for the age of self-thinking systems.

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