According to a Moroccan media report, Morocco is seeking to “reclaim” Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands, and a former intelligence agent is warning of its plans

The Moroccan Media Hespress posted an article where it is mentioned that Morocco is doing this a discreet project to restore the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla and the Canary Islands. Accordingly Statements from a Former Spanish intelligence agent Fernando San Agustínthis plan will not stop and Morocco is showing shrewd diplomacy and perseverance in its efforts.

The article, published by Hespress, an online medium very popular in Morocco that focuses on local, national and international issues, has sparked debate and analysis in Spain due to the importance of the statements made by the former intelligence agent. According to San Agustín, Morocco will not be satisfied with Spain’s recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the territories of Western Sahara, but will try to regain Ceuta and Melilla, and does not rule out putting the Canary Islands on its agenda.

The former agent highlights Morocco’s diplomatic wisdom and tenacity in achieving its goals, which worries Spain, especially given the historically complex relationship between the two countries. Saint Augustine points this out Morocco does not have the same interventionist intentions as Francemeaning that the Spanish government’s weakness is seen as an opportunity to advance its territorial interests.

In light of these statements, experts on bilateral relations between Morocco and Spain have commented on the matter. Abdelaali Barouki, a researcher specializing in Moroccan-Spanish affairs, reiterates that Morocco has made it clear on numerous occasions that it will not completely and definitively abandon Ceuta and Melilla. According to the article applies to the Moroccan people Spanish rule over these cities has no historical basis and is therefore not considered to be valid over time.

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Analyst Barouki also warns that the former intelligence officer’s statements come at a particularly sensitive time given Spain’s election period. This means his words are seen as a maneuver to create uncertainty in Moroccan-Spanish relations while influencing the Iberian country’s internal politics.

On the other hand, Abdelhameed Al-Bajouki, a writer specializing in Spanish affairs, agrees with San Agustín that Morocco is trying to strengthen its external relations with Spain. However, he believes that the claims about the Canary Islands have no historical basis and add up to a narrative without context. Al-Bajouki stresses that Spain considers the Rock of Gibraltar part of its territory and Morocco similarly defends its sovereignty over Ceuta and Melilla.

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