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According to a leading Dutch analyst, a Bitcoin price of $500,000 is possible

According to a leading Dutch analyst, a Bitcoin price of $500,000 is possible

The Dutch “PlanB” is one of the best-known crypto analysts in the world. He shares his enormous amount of experience and knowledge with his 1.9 million followers on And on this basis he made a remarkable prediction: Bitcoin (BTC) could then easily exceed the $500,000 mark Halving.

Bitcoin price could exceed $500,000 after halving

Today the top Dutch analyst published PlanB an impressive prediction on his X (formerly Twitter) page. The Bitcoin rate could easily exceed $500,000 based on its S2F model. That would represent a percentage increase of no less than 1,060%.

PlanB expects Bitcoin’s market capitalization to surpass that of gold, currently at $846 billion. Gold’s market capitalization is currently $13.8 trillion, which is about sixteen times that amount. The reason Bitcoin’s market cap will surpass that of gold, according to PlanB, is this Bitcoin halving which is scheduled for April.

This halving reduces the extent to which Bitcoin is released. Currently it is 6.25 per block, after the halving it will be 3.125. According to the Dutch analyst, this phenomenon is causing Bitcoin to become scarce. Even rarer than gold; a reason to exceed gold’s total market capitalization.

Bitcoin is more scarce than gold and even real estate

In addition, PlanB offers the Stock to flow Ratios of three aspects: real estate, gold and Bitcoin. The S2F ratio implies the scarcity of the product; The higher the value of the S2F ratio, the rarer it is.

PlanB gives gold a relatively low S2F ratio of 60. Real estate, on the other hand, is significantly scarcer according to PlanB with a ratio of 100. However, according to the analyst, Bitcoin is performing with an S2F ratio of no less than 110 after the halving. This would mean that after the April 2024 halving, Bitcoin will not only be more scarce than gold, but even more scarce than a house.

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