Accident in Uzbekistan

A truck that was transporting varnishes and paints on a route in Uzbekistan suffered an accident that led to an explosion that killed the driver. It happened on Thursday and the images were released in the last few hours by the Uzbek authorities.

The accident occurred at kilometer 259 of the highway that connects the capital, Tashkent, with Osh. According to the security cameras, the truck was traveling at the height of the Kamchik pass when around noon the load was destabilized he was carrying and this caused the truck to overturn.

Seconds later there was an explosion and three cars that passed by were hit by the flames. Firefighters arrived minutes later and took about half an hour to extinguish the flames. In addition to the death of the truck driver, six people were injured.

In August 2022 a similar event had occurred when a bus exploded meters from a service station, causing six deaths and 15 injuries. It happened in the Sir Diana region and, contrary to this case, there were no images. The authorities found that the micro gas tank, which had large amounts of methane, had exploded.

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