Acceleration of FC Barcelona overtakes everyone for Adeyemi

The culés have known how to move even when they understand that the environment is not the best to add a real crack

For FC Barcelona this new era in command of Xavi has high expectations planted, especially in the fans and based on an idea of ​​the game, which has already made them approach players like Adeyemi, of all the taste for the command in general. The German winger of just 19 years shines in its international experience with the RB Salzburg of Austria, team that fights in Champions League.

And it is that in good hand it has been known that the contacts have accelerated. It has gone from being a speculation to a reality, once details of that mood have been seen in the offices of the red box. The truth is that the transfer of agents has allowed a latent possibility, despite having a lot of weight competition on top of him.

Monchi Seville
Adeyemi sneaks into the list of the two clubs in Madrid and now FC Barcelona

Confident in what they have heard from Adeyemi, FC Barcelona unleashes its beasts and imposes power

What has come to the ears of the Barça agents is that Adeyemi has said that his intention is to say yes to the Catalan club. He has no intention of continuing in Austria and for the moment he believes that the best thing is to accelerate his departure to a great one like the Catalans. He understands that Xavi’s new era is going to favor the interests of the team, and will give opportunities to players like him on the wing and who have been incorporated into the circuit.

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Xavi, the first thing he said is yes, he knows him and has seen that he can perform. His current performance is brilliant and apart from being the team’s top scorer, he has received the award to be in the German senior team that, beyond already being classified, continues to give recital in the qualifiers.

Be very careful with the contestants, they are very dangerous

Agreements may exist, another very different thing is the economic part. In this regard, FC Barcelona is two steps below its rivals, which are: Liverpool, Manchester City and Bayern Munich. All three have detailed to the extreme and have put a significant sum of money on the table.

The one who decides this is the Salzburg in meetings with its representative. Fortunately for the Catalans there is the desire of the player who will contribute what he can to fulfill his dream and play in the team that made Argentine star Lionel Messi immortal. Open and very definitive topic for future plans.

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