Acacdisna and Adeproco call the president for high fuel and ticket prices

The Association of Consumer and Service User Housewives Committees (Acacdisna) together with the Association for the Education and Protection of Consumers (Adeproco), called on President Luis Abinader to resolve the issue of inflation and other social factors .

Through a press conference they expressed the problems that surround them and for which they seek a solution, the main problem being the rise in fuel prices.

Ana Bertilia Cabrera, president of the Acacdisna, said that the increase in fuel greatly affects housewives, because along with this issue, there is also an increase in public transport fares.

“Fuel has been the main intervener for the increase in the cost of the basic basket, for one, getting around is an additional expense. Because of the price, the distributors of food and products are justified, they take out the cost of transportation,” he said.

Another issue that is on the list of their annoyances is the commercialization of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), which they consider to be a “poor quality” gas that does not meet the composition levels, which constitutes an “alteration and adulteration”.

Given this, they propose that the composition of the 70-30 formula be made, which consists of 70% propane and the remaining 30% butane, as established by law.

According to what was reported, there are currently homes where a gallon of LPG is paid, the price of which increases weekly, and the electricity bill increases every month. This is a serious situation for associations, households and their economy.

“The constant and disproportionate increases in fuel prices directly affect the economy of the population, but particularly to the lower income sectors and, within that segment, to housewives,” Cabrera said.

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In addition, Ana Bertilia commented that they have been conducting a study since 2020 based on how the family budget has affected low-income Dominican households.

Despite the fact that the factors in which they are most affected are fuel and electricity, they considered that there is no area in which they have economic facilities. So they are waiting for the president to express himself on February 27 about the high costs, crime, and other situations of social breakdown.

The president of the association announced that they will be pending to continue playing the role for which they were created, “This is a fighting institution and we are going to take the bull by the horns. The poor also have the right to be heard.”

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