“Abuse” and “racism” are the reasons why US soldier Travis King has applied for asylum in North Korea

North Korean state media said so in a shocking revelation the American soldier who crossed the border from South Korea Travis King moved into his kingdom last month “Deliberately and illegally” because he prefers to seek refuge there or in another country, embittered at the alleged “inhumane abuse and racial discrimination” he was subjected to in the US Army. The extraordinary thing is that this is the first time that the hermetic dictatorship has decided on this fascinating incident.

“Travis King has confessed that he chose to come to the DPRK because he was angry at the inhumane treatment and racial discrimination within the US Army,” state news agency KCNA said in a statement on Wednesday.

The recruit was forced to return to his country after being involved in a series of cases Conflicts with the South Korean judiciarybut ended up being the last to cross the border to the north July 18 as part of a tour group visiting the DMZ that separates the two Koreas. US officials claimed he intentionally committed trespassing, refused to classify him as a prisoner of war.

“Travis King illegally entered North Korean territory and came under the control of North Korean soldiers after intentionally invading the DMZ.”

the American soldier “expressed his desire to apply for asylum” in North Korea “or in a third country”., referring to his “disillusionment with the inequality in American society”. Of course, they claim from Pyongyang that the investigation into Travis King is “ongoing.”

This is what Kim Jong Un’s regime is saying in this case, using anti-American propaganda. The state news agency KCNA, which circulated the remarks, sees itself as the mouthpiece of the Pyongyang leadership and often publishes reports that reflect the official line Washington is a ruthless enemy.

As for his possible release, his fate now rests in the hands of his North Korean captors, who may do so Try to “negotiate” for your life. Waiting for diplomatic and economic concessions from Washington.

For his part The Pentagon said Tuesday it could not verify the alleged comments. North Korean media reported King’s remarks, though Washington remains focused on, and stands by, “his return safely and healthily.” work “through all available channels”.

The US command had previously confirmed on Thursday, August 3, that Pyongyang had “replied” to the military-related inquiries. The Chief of Diplomacy Anthony Blinkwho also claimed contacts had been made with the North Korean government, said he had no information about him whereabouts or state of health.

King, who joined the military in January 2021, served as a cavalry scout in the Korean Rotational Force, part of the security obligation the United States has maintained towards South Korea for decades. But it wasn’t just medals and saves for him. His ministry was riddled with legal troubles as he faced two assault charges in that country. According to court records, he finally pleaded guilty to one count of assault and destruction of public property for damaging a police car during a foul-mouthed skirmish against Koreans. After serving time in a South Korean detention center, he faced a sentence Military disciplinary action upon return to Fort Bliss, Texas. However, the young man fled in fear to Incheon International Airport and crossed the border on July 18 during a tour of the Panmunjom Joint Security Zone (JSA).

By a stroke of fate, he found himself behind enemy lines and at the mercy of one of the most isolated and heavily guarded nations on earth. When news of his arrest spread like wildfire, both were Seoul and Washington rushed to find a solution to the crisis. Over time, his imprisonment remained a mystery, and the US official machine worked tirelessly to secure his release through duels with North Korean proxies. Nevertheless, North Korean politics, which is known for its unpredictability, has so far kept a low profile.

The situation escalated to a new level when the United Nations intervened, demanding their immediate release and urging the North to respect international law and human rights standards. The UN intervention added a new dimension to the already complex geopolitical scenario and forced world powers to reconsider their positions towards North Korea.

The country, known for its secrecy, has remained tight-lipped about the situation. In the meantime, Speculation and rumors of espionage or secret missions increased, which was circulating in the international press. With that, King’s fate became a focal point in the already strained relationship between the United States and North Korea.

The two Koreas have technically been at war since 1953, as their armed conflict ended with an armistice rather than a peace treaty. Although the border is only heavily fortified separates a low concrete wall at the height of the Common Security Zone (JSA), less difficult to cross despite intense military surveillance.

In the last two decades About twenty Americans were being held against their will in the Hermit Kingdom. These were mostly individuals traveling the country legally as tourists, humanitarian workers, business people and with the permission of local authorities. They were arrested and prevented from leaving the country for breaking the law. Many of these violations involved acts that would not be considered illegal in the United States or other countries, but constituted a serious violation of Northern law, even though these visitors did not understand the law or local custom.

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