Abu Dhabi Police warned dangerous speeding drivers and shared a video of dangerous driving.

Police in the UAE state of Abu Dhabi have warned that distraction while driving or stopping in the middle of the road can lead to tragic accidents.

Police say the fines are actually 800 dirhams, and four traffic black points are imposed on the offenders.

Several car accidents

Abu Dhabi police have also shared a clip on their social media platforms showing things falling from an SUV in the middle of a busy road.

The SUV then stops in the middle of the road, probably due to the driver’s distraction.

In the video, some cars initially try to avoid it, but eventually another vehicle collided with it, and the SUV then collided with other vehicles, causing several vehicles to collide on the highway.

DH800 fines under Article 328 of the Traffic Control Procedure Act No. 178 of 2017, and four traffic black points, on motorbikes using hand-held devices while driving and negligent while driving. Will be imposed on motorcycles. .