Home World “Absolute” heat record in Quebec for the month of November

“Absolute” heat record in Quebec for the month of November

"Absolute" heat record in Quebec for the month of November

Quebec is hot. A heat record was even reached on Saturday in this province of Canada, with more than 23 degrees Celsius in Montreal, 15 more than the average, indicated Environment Canada. The previous record dated from November 10, 2020, with 22.4 degrees.

“This is the first time that we have recorded such a temperature in November since we have data, it is an absolute record,” said Dominic Martel, meteorologist for Environment Canada. The penultimate record dated from November 1948, with a peak of 21.7 degrees.

“A turn towards winter expected around mid-November”

Since the beginning of the week, temperatures have been rising gradually, due to a mass of warm air from the southern United States. At this time, the averages usually oscillate around 8 degrees in Montreal. Already in October, temperatures were 2 degrees above average.

However, these increases should not last. “A turn to winter is expected around mid-November. The patterns appear to be lining up for a breakout towards next weekend. This would possibly mean the first snow of the season for Montreal and the surrounding area, with temperatures around 0 ° C, “detailed Patrick Duplessis, meteorologist for MétéoMédia, a specialized Quebec television channel.

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