Abrines’ Pre-Olympic Participation in Doubt Due to Fibrillar Tear

Alex Abrines’ Participation in Pre-Olympic Games Under Threat Due to Injury

The Spanish national team coach, Sergio Scariolo, expressed concerns about Alex Abrines’ fitness ahead of the Pre-Olympic tournament on July 2. Abrines suffered a small fibrillar tear in his hamstring, which may jeopardize his participation in the tournament.

During a training session, Scariolo mentioned that Abrines’ situation is in danger, and the final decision will be made on Sunday. “We have very short deadlines,” Scariolo stated, hinting that Abrines may not make the final list of 12 players.

Scariolo indicated that Abrines’ chances of being included in the final list are slim, saying, “It is almost more likely that he will fall than stay. We will decide it within those who are here.” The coach is considering plan A and plan B for the team, with limited options available.

Abrines will continue his recovery with the team in Alicante, where they will travel for a friendly match against the Dominican Republic next Friday. “He travels with the team to Alicante and will be with the team because he has to recover to be well as soon as possible for his health and the future as well,” Scariolo explained.

Sergio Scariolo: “It is almost more likely that he will fall than stay”

The team’s decision regarding Abrines’ participation in the Pre-Olympic tournament will be made public on Sunday.

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