ABP Ideas of India: Karan Johar made a big statement about trolling, said: ‘Your karma will see you’

Filmmaker Karan Johar is not interested in any identity today. Karan Johar has been behind making many actors into superstars. Karan Johar has brought the world of Hindi cinema into a new era with his movies. Hero is seen crying at the climax of the movie, not action, but Karan Johar’s experiment has been behind this somewhere. Recently, the filmmaker has been outspoken about trolling at the ABP Ideas of India Summit 2022.

Karan Johar, while reacting to the trolling issue during the summit, said: “Emotionally speaking, that moment has been very difficult for me and my family because we were not only brought to that place, but we also reacted.” We begin to talk about those people who are very few… We begin to take their words seriously. The filmmaker said: “They (trolls) have no face, they have no name, they are trolling you, they are doing the most disgusting things…slandering you on public platforms, but we are all for this.” watch. We don’t see love… suddenly we stop seeing the love that abounds.’

Speaking of trolling, Karan Johar said: ‘We ourselves choose to react to the bad. I myself analyzed why I am sad, I should not worry about those people who have no face and name, I should not pay attention to them. Rather, I should be thankful for the love I have received which is in abundance.’ Karan Johar said: ‘That’s what I started to do, I started appreciating and giving thanks for anything that gets in the way and whatever is negative… your karma will help you…’

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