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About You, Yoox Net-A-Porter and Zalando give brands a boost in understanding climate goals

About You, Yoox Net-A-Porter and Zalando give brands a boost in understanding climate goals

About You, Yoox Net-A-Porter and Zalando expand their program Fashion Leap for Climate with a second edition which begins in July 2023 and will be open to 250 partner brands, 195 more than in the last edition. The initiative, launched with the aim of helping fashion brands measure their own carbon footprint and set climate targets commensurate with their impactachieved after its first edition that the adhered brands reported an increase of 85% in the understanding of the Objectives Based on Science (Science-Based Targets or SBT in English). In addition, they affirmed that, thanks to their training, they were more aware of what scientific objectives they had to define in the future; affirming half of them that they had acquired the necessary knowledge to set specific objectives for the following year.

In addition to this, 91% of the participating companies highlighted that they especially valued the synergies and opportunities for collaboration that arose thanks to the networking offered by being part of the platform, having the opportunity to debate and exchange ideas with sustainability experts and peers. Finally, all of them declared that they would recommend other brands to participate in the program in the future.

a year of learning

The first edition of Fashion Leap for Climate It allowed the three founding companies to explore how to optimize the use of the platform to improve the understanding and definition of climate objectives aligned with science. In this second year, About You, Yoox Net-A-Porter and Zalando will focus their efforts on bringing greater value to a broader selection of brands. During this edition, the participants will have an eight-week face-to-face course (consisting of eight hours divided into four modules), which can be done either with customized support and assistance or completely self-taught, thus having a flexible and customized to the demands and needs of each brand.

A project framed in the roadmap and climate commitment policy of each of the 3 founding companies, and in line with their commitments to promote the reduction of emissions throughout the industry, in order to achieve their own Scope 3 Objectives. Looking to the future, the three companies will study the possibility of extending the use of the platform to the entire fashion industry.

“At About You we believe that collaboration and transparency are critical to driving sustainable change across the industry. This implies responsibility, but also comparability between companies, which leads to a positive change in the entire fashion sector. We are very satisfied with the results obtained last year with the Fashion Leap for Climate platform and we are excited to kick off this second edition, together with Zalando and Yoox Net-A-Porter. The fact that all the brands associated with the initiative successfully completed their training program is the first step in ratifying that we are going in the right direction. Even so, we are aware that more actions and collaborations will be needed between all the agents that are part of the sector to promote this sustainable change in our industry»it states Hannes Wiese, co-CEO of ABOUT YOU Holding SE.

Alison Loehnis, Interim CEO of YOOX NET-A-PORTER, For his part, he comments that “At Yoox Net-A-Porter we have set ourselves very ambitious goals to reduce our impact on the environment. The brands that sell on our platform are in high demand in the luxury fashion segment and we are proud to empower them to better understand this complex topic, so that all companies together can reduce our carbon footprint collectively. Following the promising results of the first edition of the Fashion Leap for Climate programme, we are delighted to launch the second year in collaboration with About You and Zalando. This initiative represents the potential for industry-wide collaboration, harnessing a shared ambition to create a more sustainable future for fashion.”

David Schneider, co-CEO of Zalando SE, highlights that “At Zalando we are committed to bringing together the different players in the fashion industry to collectively address sustainability and climate challenges. We believe this is crucial to drive positive impact across the industry. We are proud to celebrate the second year of Fashion Leap for Climate in collaboration with About You and Yoox Net-A-Porter and Quantis, one of our main projects born with the aim of helping our partners to establish their own Science-Based Targets . It is very encouraging to see how, since the launch of the initiative, the brands that have joined the project have completed their training program and have improved and gained confidence and new knowledge to know how to approach their climate policy and objectives. These types of actions and the joint work of the entire industry are the engine of change that will generate a tangible and lasting impact.”.

The Fashion Leap for Climate learning platform is funded by About You, Yoox Net-A-Porter and Zalando, and curated by sustainability consultancy Quantis. About You, Yoox Net-A-Porter and Zalando partners interested in learning how to measure their greenhouse gas emissions, setting science-based climate targets and submitting them to the SBT, as well as retailers interested in accelerating target adoption scientists, please contact: info@fashionleapforclimate.com

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