About 1,000 migrants arrive at offices in Chiapas seeking asylum

Some 1,000 migrants, mostly from Haiti and also from Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, arrived on Monday in the southeastern state of Chiapas in search of the asylum request to start their process and cross Mexico.

They said they will not return to their countries because they are fleeing the bad political and economic situation and the lack of employment, and their goal is to reach the United States.

At just 20 years old, Alexander Vivar, a migrant from Guatemala, has stopped his passage in Tapachula to try to request a permit at the entry gate of Mexico to continue advancing legally.

“We are already here, we cannot go back to our country, the effort would be in vain, nothing backwards, our vision is forward,” he said.

This young man, who was dedicated to making online sales, assured that if Mexico granted him some facility, he would stay working, and if not, he would try as many times as possible to reach the north and cross into the United States.

At the same time, a new caravan left this city, some 1,000 migrants who decided to walk away and abandon the process before the Mexican authorities, risking dangers to reach the northern border.

The Venezuelan migrant José Sánchez arrived in Tapachula this Monday morning and is 1,097 on the list to be attended by the staff of the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees (Comar), for which he will remain for a while awaiting his process. .

“I have no idea when I will pass, but I hope that, when I enter, they give us a date so that we can obtain our permission to continue through Mexico,” he shared.

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He added that as soon as he has his papers he will start walking so that he can start leaving Chiapas and reach northern Mexico, because his goal is to be able to reach the United States to help his family that he left behind in Venezuela.

This migrant was engaged in peddling on the streets of Venezuela, but the need to support family members forced him to walk and reach Tapachula, now accompanied by four other compatriots.

In the immigration regularization offices of the National Institute of Migration (INM), hundreds of migrants also crowded who have already carried out their protocol in the Comar, where they will process their visas for humanitarian reasons.

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