Abinader recognizes Fefita la Grande and 7 other typical musicians with the Presidential Medal for Civil Merit

President Luis Abinader distinguished this Wednesday with the imposition of the Presidential Medal of Civil Merit to 8 typical Dominican musicians, in recognition of their trajectory of work, civility and faith in the country and for their outstanding contributions to the musical genre.

The president imposed the medals in the Las Cariátides room of the National Palace on Manuela Josefa Cabrera Taveras (Fefita La Grande), Ramón Rafael Ramos Román, Francisco Ulloa, Ángel Bertile Nivar, Gaspar Rodríguez, Juan Antonio Robles (Old Cigar). Also, posthumously Bartolo Alvarado (El Cieguito de Nagua) and Rafael Francisco Ulloa.

Abinader expressed that “What we are doing today is a small act of justice for a community that represents the real foundation of our Dominican culture.”

He indicated that in addition to highlighting them, what the state is looking for is establish a plan to identify the needs of this sector and find a way to promote and consolidate the merengue typical of the country.

Through a press release from the president’s press office, he reports that it was agreed to make a museum and theater of the typical merengue in the municipality of Mao, Valverde province, where tourists, both national and international, can learn about the history, contributions and development of this sector.

In this regard, he specified that they work through the Ministry of Tourism in the design of this infrastructure, to see the possibility of starting it this year.

President Abinader maintained that the typical merengue “is part of our culture, of our history, even of democratic struggles, and you are too.”

Them urged to organize and train in cooperatives to facilitate aid they need, both personally and in the cultural sector.

“Today is a recognition to the sector, to each one of you, to what you represent for Dominican society and also a sample of the appreciation, recognition and gratitude of this Government and of Dominican society for each one of you”, express.

President Abinader concluded his words by telling them that “Each one of you represents a part of the history, of the culture and of the struggles for the best interests of our country.”

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On her side, the Minister of Culture, Milagros Germán, expressed her joy at the central government’s recognition of the musicians.

No ruler in the country’s history had paid such a high tribute to this music.

Meanwhile, the Dominican writer and politician, Rafael Chaljub, said that this is an unprecedented event because no ruler in the history of the country had paid such a high tribute to such a music of the people, from the roots, as the typical merengue. “So I think that today we are witnessing a golden page in the history of popular art and perhaps in national history.”

Chaljub indicated that the musicians have always asked that they be listened to, that their claims be known, that attention be paid to their aspirations and concerns, and that the invitation would be a simple, close and frank exchange as things are in their towns.

In the writer’s opinion, this “is an act of courage” by President Abinader who breaks tradition and dares to connect with the people and marry Dominicans. “I congratulate you brave boy, I congratulate you, Mr. President.”

Likewise, the singer and producer Ivelisse Severino thanked the Dominican president for this recognition of representatives of the typical merengue and for taking the time to listen to them and give them a message of hope.

Juan Antonio Robles spoke on behalf of the artists, who expressed his gratitude to President Abinader and said that they had always dreamed of a moment like this and that it is a moment for history because only the president has dared to summon this group of men and women workers and take them into account.

Also present at the event were the ministers of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza, and of the Interior and Police, Jesús -Chu- Vásquez.

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