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Abelardo answers the call from Sporting de Gijón

The still collaborator of Movistar does not dare to step forward beyond the so-called director

There has always been that bond that unites abelard with Sporting de Gijón, to the point that he is currently the main candidate to take the reins of a club that is in a tailspin. However, that this is a call does not mean that he will accept it, on the contrary, his decisions are marked by personal concepts.

The coach knows or understands that his decisions cannot be limited by the emotional factor, since he received a very heavy payment at the time when he was marked by the results that in its last stage had. A very severe punishment according to him, which did not correspond to the work he performed until then.

Alaves Abelardo
Pitu Abelardo returns to the ring for Sporting de Gijón

Abelardo’s commitment is far from the rules at Sporting de Gijón

One of the heroes of the epics in the institution is always the one called to put out the fires. Always less now that it seems that her thinking has been imposed over what suits her or what best suits her love club. The coach is comfortable in his facet, and he would wait for a better project.

He has not ruled it out, but he has emphasized what they have made him and his family experience when he had a string of bad results. It has not been a positive experience, far from it, Abelardo suffers football like no other. At that moment he regretted not closing his stage at the exultant moment, and having extended the link ended up being morally disastrous.

Respect for the names in charge and his commitment to the network prevent him from

On the other hand, it must be emphasized that he has refrained from speaking out, above all out of respect for the colleagues who are currently leading the project. As the axis of any of these calls, he knows what causes them to destabilize the work of another when the press throws names left and right.

In addition, with Movistar he is happy, in fact he has just commented on the game in Turkey where FC Barcelona beat Galatasaray without any surprises after having started losing the game. It will be necessary to see what are the nuances that this fact grabs, and if it finally ends up being decided or maintained.

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