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Abde’s exit gets heated

Abde's exit gets heated

Ez Abde is about to make an important decision about his fate next season. The player met with his agents on Thursday night to decide on the best option. He has several offers on the table and must be selected.

The Moroccan held the summit at a hotel in Barcelona in the presence of Javier Garrido, his manager and other advisers. This appointment is essential as there are only a few hours left because the market is closing and a solution cannot be delayed any longer.

Abde would have considered Betis as the first option, who are looking for a way to find an economic formula to keep his services. According to the latest information, the Andalusians would bid around €10mplus 50 percent of a future sale.

Sevilla, the Béticos’ eternal rivals, also want to step up their game. Last place in the league is very worrying and they want to avoid the suffering of last season. Its president, José Castro, paid tribute to the award in Monaco, where the draw for the Champions League groups took placeworking on possible inclusions.

Preferably Spain

Abde wants to continue in Spain and returning to Osasuna was another alternative. However, this option could be gone after leaving the Conference League as the footballer is motivated to take part in a European competition. Betis plays in the Europa League and Sevilla in the Champions League.

The stranger’s siren songs, like Bayer Leverkusen and Aston VillaThey seem all but ruled out as the footballer wants to continue in Spain.

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