Just over 41 years ago, Abba played their last show together. It was not a live show for his fans, but a small set for Swedish television.

In some days, may, 27, Abba kicks off seven months of concerts in a London stadium. Or better, your “kills” will touch there, as they will be digital versions of the band created with state-of-the-art motion capture technology.

At 70, the band participated in the development of their alter egos. After the tour announcement last September, videos of them covered in sensors went viral, but the Abbatars don’t reflect the band’s current look, but rather show them at the height of the 90s. 70s.

Abba did not tour much, as some of them had young children when they were at the height of their fame. Also, Agnetha was afraid of flying, which was made worse when a private plane trip in 1979 encountered a tornado.) For this reason, they largely turned to pop videos.

After Abba disbanded in 1982, it became something even bigger. His 1992 greatest hits album, Abba Gold, became second best-selling album in UK history (It has sold 6 million copies to date, three quarters of a million fewer than Queen’s entire career compilation.)


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