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Aaliya’s grandmother longed for her husband, Nanabhai filed his wife’s lawsuit after his death.

Aaliya's grandmother longed for her husband, Nanabhai filed his wife's lawsuit after his death.

Born on June 12, 1915 in Porbandar, Gujarat, Nanabhai Bhatt is considered the father of cinema. As much as he was in the spotlight because of his movies, he got more headlines because of his personal life. You may be surprised to know that Nanabhai Bhatt did not marry his life partner Shireen Mohammad Ali. Surely Nanabhai and Shireen’s love story is completely different from the story in the movie, so let us introduce it to you in the birthday special…

Love is such a bond, regardless of all boundaries and ties of caste and religion, it unites two people in such a way that they don’t care about anything. Similar was the relationship between Nanabhai Bhatt and Shireen Mohammad Ali. In fact, Nanabhai himself, who invested money in fiction and mythological movies, never thought that his love story would be completely different from imagination.

Tell them that Nanabhai’s first marriage was to a woman named Hemlata, whose son is the film writer Robin Bhatt. After some time, Nanabhai’s relationship with actress Shireen Mohammad Ali came online. They both started living together without getting married and both had two sons, Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt. The Shireen-Nanabhai relationship was never acknowledged by the family of the first wife Hemlata. In such a situation, Nanabhai Bhatt had two families and two houses.

You will be surprised to know that Nanabhai and Shireen could never get married even after loving each other very much. Mahesh Bhatt was more concerned with the fact that his mother, Shireen, was never able to gain wifely status or gain social acceptance.

Mahesh Bhatt has mentioned this pain of his mother many times. Recently, when he came to Arbaaz Khan’s chat show, he also mentioned it. He had said that because he lived in a Hindu area, his mother had to hide her religion from her. When her mother Shireen died in 1998, he wanted to bury her as her dying wish. During that time, Nanabhai Bhatt came there and put vermilion on Shireen’s forehead. When I expressed my desire to bury my mother, Father Nanabhai refused to come citing her religion. Mahesh Bhatt brought his childhood story to the big screen as ‘Zakhm’, in which his daughter Pooja Bhatt played a character based on his mother Shireen. Tell them that on April 24, 1988, Nanabhai Bhatt died in Mumbai.

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