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A young woman was fired over a viral video in which she complained about her job

«Me han echado»: una joven se volvió viral por quejarse de su trabajo en un video y terminó siendo despedida

A young woman was fired from a company after appearing in a TikTok video criticizing its working conditions.

Carmen Merina worked in a cafeteria in Granada, Spain, but lost her job after discussing her experience with customers.

But that wasn’t all, as the 24-year-old opened up about what bothered her about her job in a video that she shared on her @rayomcqueer_ account with the hashtag #cosasquemedanigual.

In this way, Carmen seemed to be saying that she doesn’t mind charging a customer “less” for a coffee, and if it were up to her, she would give him the entire “box of candy.”

In addition, he assured that there were cameras with which the employees were monitored and said it was an abuse that they had a WhatsApp group in which they would constantly write to them after leaving their work day.

“I don’t care that you haven’t consumed enough to go to the toilet…” What do I care if you stay without consuming, I don’t care. “You can come to my cafeteria, sit down without even ordering anything and I don’t care because I will continue to charge 5 euros an hour,” he said.


Things I Don’t Care Version of job insecurity #cosasquemedanigual

♬ Original sound – rayomcqueer

The video went viral and sparked hundreds of reactions from users who identified with his words; But Carmen Merina did not believe that this would be seen by her superiors and that there would be consequences.

After a few days, the young woman appeared in another video and claimed that she had been fired after her superiors told her that they had noticed that she was unhappy with the job.

“So. Well, they actually kicked me out. ‘Carmen, how bad. I’m really sorry. I’m sure you’ll find something better.’ “Don’t worry, darling, I don’t care. Absolutely nothing happens. Nobody died. I’m going somewhere else to be exploited in exactly the same way. I mean, everything is fine,” he said.


From now on my pronouns are unemployed/employed #unemployed #farewell

♬ Original sound – rayomcqueer

The young woman was so in the headlines that she was interviewed by television channels and was even contacted by an influencer company to collaborate with them.

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In an interview with El País, Carmen said that she has achieved good numbers with her videos since they went viral.

Furthermore, she has also gained a large number of haters who criticize her attitude towards work duties and many call her “lazy and a bully.”

“The CEO of a company knows that my work is more valuable to him than his company is to me.” “I know very well that it is not the bosses of a multinational corporation who are committed to criticizing me,” he assured.

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