A young woman goes viral by saying the United States has a smell

A young woman caused a whole debate on the networks after she traveled to the USA and noticed that this country has a special smell.

Daniela traveled to this country from Colombia and shared her experiences through her TikTok account (@nanielaaaaa).

“Why does it smell like the United States when you arrive in the United States? I mean, it just smells and Colombia doesn’t smell like that. “Colombia smells different and I don’t understand why. “What are you throwing in there?” said the young woman.


I don’t understand these smells, you

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The video went viral and sparked a whole debate about whether a human can actually have a distinctive smell.

“It’s a completely different, distinctive smell and I can’t even describe it, it’s very special,” said Daniela.

Culture, gastronomy, geography and even accents can be the most important characteristics for identifying a country. However, no one had thought about what their countries might smell like.

The theory about a detergent

The comments on the young woman’s video came immediately, with many users also agreeing with her about the smell of the United States.

Some netizens suspected that it was because of the way Americans dressed, but not because of the clothes themselves.

The cause of the special smell would apparently be the brand of detergent or fabric softener used in this country.

In fact, the Tide product is one of the most commonly used products for washing clothes, and this is what gives it its special aroma, which many call the “smell of the United States”.

“This is because of a Tide detergent that smells really good. Here in the US, most people use this detergent” … “It’s very strange to hear this, but I have lived in the US for 45 years and when I go to my country “When I visit they tell me that my clothes and everything smells different,” were some of the comments.

But that wouldn’t be all, because many people use tumble dryers and this could also affect the respective scent.

The truth is that the use of air conditioning, the level of pollution, humidity, vegetation, seasons, among other things, can also influence odors.

The young woman’s video sparked a whole debate and now everyone is wondering whether a city or a country can have a smell that characterizes it.

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