A young man was upset about his work schedule

A young woman sparked a whole debate online when she expressed her anger at having her eight-hour work schedule changed during one of her first work experiences.

“There is nothing more tender than a daughter discovering what it means to work,” wrote user @aguantekant and the young woman’s mother on her X account (formerly Twitter).

The screenshot of the conversation they had on WhatsApp went viral and sparked all sorts of reactions due to the way young people face their first job and the difficulties they face in finding work.

In addition, also due to the insensitivity of parents and many adults to the new social and professional realities of young people.

In the picture, the girl is telling him that working from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. is “a lot” because, in her opinion, it’s a schedule that supposedly no one has.

“Of course I get up and while I’m doing my things I’m gone. And I’m coming to go to bed. “Let us agree that they leave you more or less lifeless,” said the young woman, whose name and age are unknown.

A mother shared her daughter's annoyance at the hours she was offered at work.  Photo: Freepik/ @aguantekant

A mother shared her daughter’s annoyance at the hours she was offered at work. Photo: Freepik/ @aguantekant

A reality of young people

To this response, the mother responds that this is the reality of “working.”

However, Huffington Post explained that the woman also defended her daughter, saying her discomfort was caused by her schedule being changed.

In addition, it is not because the young woman did not want to continue working, but because she does not like this new schedule: “The tweet gives the impression that she did not want to work, but that is not the case,” said the Woman who ensures that her daughter was always sensible.

“He gets up at 7:00 a.m. and comes back in at 8:00 a.m., he likes that schedule, and now they’ve changed it….”. When she was 8 years old, she attended two schools and private lessons in the evenings. At 12, she went to Floresta High School alone and took the 6 a.m. bus, she’s a genius!” the mother emphasized.

The publication sparked thousands of reactions from those who defended the young woman for seeking a higher quality of life with her schedule and from those who criticized her for not adapting to the reality of job offers.

The truth is that many young people had difficulty finding work and complained about the conditions and salaries offered by many companies.

“She looks like my niece. Working and studying doesn’t mean life for them. On the other hand, my daughter worked and studied medicine at the same time,” wrote one user on X.

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