A young man dancing to the joy of Holi stabbed himself

New Delhi: A young man stabbed himself while dancing in India and later died.

According to Indian media, the incident took place in Indore when a young man killed himself by stabbing himself in the chest while dancing in the joy of Holi festival.

Gopal Solanki, 38, accidentally injured himself while dancing with his friends.

According to police, the young man was intoxicated, had a dagger in his hand while dancing and stabbed himself while trying to perform a stunt.

The video of this incident is also going viral on social media in which this whole scene can be seen.

In the video, Gopal can be seen dancing to the tune of a song with his friends, where on one occasion he is seen stabbing himself four times in the chest with a dagger.

According to police, the young man’s friends and relatives rushed him to a nearby hospital, but the doctor pronounced him dead.

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