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A young man celebrated without knowing he had a bullet in his head

A young man celebrated without knowing he had a bullet in his head

A young Brazilian man celebrated for four days after he thought he had been hit by a rock but actually had a bullet lodged in his head.

Mateus Facio is a 21-year-old student who celebrated the New Year holidays on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. In the middle of the celebration, he suffered a bleed that quickly stopped.

But he never imagined that a bullet had entered his head and surprisingly decided to continue enjoying the holidays.

As the days passed, he began to feel severe pain in his right arm and when he went to the hospital, doctors were astonished to discover that there was a bullet lodged in the young man's head.

An operation that saved his life

The young man had to undergo an operation that saved his life. After spending two days in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Juiz de Fora, he was discharged and is now recovering at home.

Neurosurgeon Flavio Falcometa explained that the bullet was about to paralyze him; as it compressed an area that controls the movements of the extremities.

“If it had landed just a few millimeters away from the site, it could have caused much worse damage, leaving an arm or side of the body paralyzed… It was very risky for the patient, but we believe that in 20 to… 30.” He will be able to continue his normal life for a few days. ». he told the broadcaster O Globo.

This experience completely changed Mateus' life. Furthermore, in December he decided to give up his administrative career to study medicine.

“I'm going to change my life and career, which I find interesting. “I didn’t know that everything was going to happen and during my stay in the hospital I realized that this was what I really wanted for my life,” said Mateus Facio.

The young man's mother, Luciana, said it was unimaginable that her son survived with a 9-millimeter bullet in the brain.

In addition, doctors told him that the operation was high risk because there were concerns about possible bleeding and brain fluid leakage that could lead to death.

“The doctors and nurses who saw Mateus there could hardly believe it. One person spent four days with “A bullet in the head and not feeling anything is inexplicable.” He was reborn. “We can celebrate Mateo’s birth twice,” he said.

Authorities investigate the case and analyze the bullet taken from the boy's brain to determine who fired the gun.

Mateus Facio says he wants to finish his studies first so he can become a good doctor and save many lives.

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