A yellow cyclone sweeps Bilbao Basket in Miribilla

Tenerife passed through Miribilla like a yellow cyclone. His second visit to the Bilbao venue this season was taken as a test for his ambitious close plans: to revalidate the Champions League in the Final Four at Carpena and reach fourth place in that tough battle with Unicaja, precisely one of his enemies in the continental tournament. He wants to arrive with a lot of spark to his great challenges and a cruising speed has earned him to exhibit himself this time. They have four wins this year against Ponsarnau and his team, and it seems that if there are 40 games, all 40 get them out. The pieces are beginning to be very well oiled and the memory of the scare they had in the BCL against Bilbao Basket in the latter’s fiefdom, with a final miracle, put them on alert not to be neglected. And they didn’t, on the contrary, they passed the roller, although in the end they loosened up a bit so as not to make excessive blood. The beating is vintage, the second largest for the Biscayans this year. They only competed in the second quarter, the rest was a carpet for showing off a great team in which the last of the rotation even played, Diagné and Mathias. In view of the fact that there was no discussion about the parquet, the venue was dedicated to celebrating Chacón’s scoring debut in ACB: one more additional basket from the youth squad, very cheeky. There was also applause for exuberant plays by Shermadini and some trademark spoon pass by Huertas. High level basketball. They take their 15 points and, as they play by heart, they go to the end without any surprises. Put Salin, now out, in that group and he looks even more unreachable.

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Things already started crookedly for the hosts with a delay in the start due to a problem with the referees’ whistle console. Tenerife played as they wanted and what they wanted, moving the ball at will, imposing their defense and crushing everything that came their way. From the initial 4-4 to 4-14 and so on to infinity. Only in the second quarter was something rushed. With the diabolical triangle Jaime Fernández-Cook-Shermadini, they showed themselves to be an unattainable group for a Surne who offered a version that was very difficult to digest. The occasional discussion in the local rows and bad faces made the evening even more ugly. The rebound thing was an insult: 19-42. AND 50 points in the paint of the yellows! The difference was 38 (43-81) and the ‘men in black’ were in a trice of signing the worst score in their history, the 51 squalid points they scored this year against Joventut. If what happened in Fuenlabrada, in front of a corpse, was worrisome, this derailment should raise self-criticism. The normal thing is to fall in a bulky way before such a long and powerful rival, but the forms are not acceptable.


60 – Surne Bilbao Basket (8+20+13+19): Radicevic (11), Smith (13), Rabaseda (5), Sulejmanovic (3) and Tsalmpouris (9) -starting five-; Ubal (2), Reyes, Andersson (8), Kyser (2), Rosa (4), Barandalla and Chacón (3).

83 – Lenovo Tenerife (25+12+29+17): Fitipaldo (3), Fernández (13), Cook (14), Abromaitis (4) and Guerra (9) -starting five-; Huertas (6), Bolmaro (9), Sastre, Doornekamp (8), Shermadini (17), Mathias and Diagné.

Partial: 8-25, 28-37 (rest); 41-66 and 60-83 (final).

Referees: Rafael Serrano, Javier Torres and Iyán González. No deleted.

Incidents: Postponed match of matchday 28 of the Endesa League played at the Bilbao Arena in Miribilla in front of 6,173 spectators. official data. The meeting began ten minutes later than the scheduled time, 7:00 p.m., due to technical problems. For “a problem with the whistle console of the referees, the PTS”, according to the Basque club.

The first quarter was complete for Tenerife, who put their fabulous machinery of muscle and rotations to work. Under his abrasive pace, he found many avenues to the basket and loaded the rebound overwhelmingly. He left the long shots of a Bilbao Basket that did not find the rhythm, the offensive fluidity or the advantages at any time. Bolmaro, who is one more, although he comes with an NBA poster and a future star cooked in the Barça quarry, scored in a fearless reverse against Kyser in the last second of the first act: 8-25. The Champions League champion left up to a 20-point advantage and was not willing to be surprised or harbor a scare similar to that of the European match this year at the Bilbao venue, where Jaime Fernández uncovered the jar of essences to fasten the victory in the last breath. His energy led them to 10-30 after a three pointer from Doornekamp.

Chacón, with Barandalla in the match
Chacón, with Barandalla in the match

The ‘men in black’ came out with more energy in the second act. The intensity of Bilbao Basket rose, which tried to equalize the physical bar of the islanders. He finally found good shots from outside and two consecutive three-pointers from Tsalmpouris narrowed the gap to 28-35 with 1:03 to go. People were outraged because the referees did not punish contacts in the same way in one area or another. They lacked ideas in attack, but in the end the scarcity of resources was made up for with more heart. It took a world to reach that -7 and in the blink of an eye, the pulse was dynamited by the local softness and the island canyons.

After the break, the yellow waters returned to their course. On top of that, he fell injured in one Rabaseda foot, one more in this crazy year with the infirmary. It is terrible to see Hakanson, Goudelock, Rigo and Withey in street clothes in the band, plus Francis Alonso in his house after the operation. A 0-13 ended the resistance of a disconnected and very pasty team. Surne is very fair, if they deny Smith, very well defended by Bolmaro, there is no one to break the fall down the embankment of defeat. The team got frustrated and gave up all the pride. The people who gathered at seven in the evening, such a bad hour, did not deserve such a spectacle. No one denies that the season is above expectations. But these blots make the service sheet very ugly. AND vidorretaalways showing his Bilbao flag, He had the enormous detail of remembering Luisfer Baranda, a recently deceased Portuguese journalist who has dedicated himself to basketball information since Txus started in this with a blackboard.

Ponsarnau: “It was our worst game of the season”

Ponsarnau regretted after the heavy defeat that his team played “the worst game of the season, without any doubt” at a lower level even than when they fell ten days ago on the track of bottom club Fuenlabrada. “Now we are a very fair team and if so many things go wrong we have nothing to do. It’s about rearming and trying to make things go well”, commented the ‘men in black’ coach in his assessment of the match.

Looking to the future, Ponsarnau hopes that his players “get the lesson” and learn that “it is important that frustration does not hurt us as much as in this match.” “We must not become frustrated because then we are already very bad. With this team today we have beaten Barça and stood up to Valencia. It is about looking for a way to find our maximums despite things going wrong ”, he emphasized.

Finally, the coach advanced that he does not expect Hakanson or Jeff Whitey to recover for Saturday’s game in Miribilla against Baxi Manresa and that he has doubts about Rabaseda’s physical condition. “We have had to change him and although he has returned and he has made a dunk, we will see coldly how he has it,” said the coach.

Vidorreta: “The team executed the defensive plan perfectly”

Vidorreta stressed that one of the keys to his team’s victory in Miribilla was that the players “perfectly executed the defensive plan.” “And in attack we were unsuccessful in our three-point shot (4 of 21), but we attacked the paint very well,” Vidorreta highlighted in his assessment of the match, aware that in the future they will need to “improve from the line of three because it is essential to open defenses”.

The Bilbao coach added that Lenovo Tenerife played “thirty very good minutes, all but a few minutes of the second quarter and the last, logically”, and that they succeeded in “counteracting the many virtues” that Surne Bilbao had exhibited in their matches against Barcelona and Valencia.

“Our third quarter has been the best we have done after the Cup. It has been an important victory away from home, even more so now that we are recovering players,” said Vidorreta, who before finishing also had a memory for Luisfer Baranda, journalist recently deceased from Onda Cero from Vizcaya.

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