On the first anniversary of the death of the Ten there were countless tributes all over the planet, from the tribute that the footballers of the Professional Football League (LPF) gave him, passing through the memory of Pelé, Lionel Messi, Emanuel Ginobili and even cultural personalities.

Likewise, the Argentine Football Association (AFA) announced that from this Thursday its historic building located at 1366 Viamonte street, in the center of Buenos Aires, his name will be Diego Armando Maradona.

Local soccer

The Professional League honored Diego with a video of footballers from the 26 First Division teams. “We all wanted to play like Maradona” was the legend with which it was devised the tribute to 10.

The video of almost three minutes starts with an image of a little Lionel messi saying In an interview that his idol was Maradona, and go to another with Diego at the 1994 World Cup in the United States playing his classic little games with a golf ball.

Next, 26 representatives of the football of the First Division imitated that genius of Maradona, who later also did it in a suit and shoes when he visited the University of Oxford.

The players who participated were Lewis Vazquez (Boca), Matías Tissera (Platense), Matías Pellegrini (Students), Facundo Kruspzky (Arsenal), Gabriel Hachen (Defense and Justice), Sergio Quiroga (Sarmiento), Lautaro Acosta (Lanús), Maximiliano Rodriguez (Newell’s), Nahuel Tenaglia (Workshops), Martin Ojeda (Godoy Cruz), Patrick Toranzo (Hurricane), Thiago Almada (Velez), Agustin Urzi (Banfield), Alexander Martínez (Central Córdoba), Gabriel Florentín (Argentines), Nestor Ortigoza (San Lorenzo), Francisco Grahl (Aldosivi), Ivan Pillud (Racing), Luke Licht (Gymnastics), Christian Menéndez (Atlético Tucumán), Matías Palavecino (Board of Trustees), Gaston González (Union), Facundo Farías (Columbus), Luke Martínez Dupuy (Rosario Central), Silvio Romero (Independent) and Milton Helmet (River).

“Thank you for inspiring our dreams”, was the Message from closing with a voiceover by Maradona that affirms: “You cannot live without football.”

ANDl memory of the flea

The Spanish newspaper Mark published in the last hours the reflection of Lionel Messi about the first anniversary of the idol’s death during the interview he gave a few days ago in Paris.

“It seems incredible that a year has passed; and also by the way that just when he is not there, Argentina after so many years became champion again “, lamented Messi in reference to the title that the Argentine national team won after 28 years.

“The truth is that the feeling is strange, it’s like not believing. We always think that at some point he may appear on TV, in an interview or comment on something. It happened a long time and it seems like yesterday when it happened “, added the player of Paris Saint Germain.

“The truth is that I will always keep the best memories of him because I was lucky enough to share many things and live it closely, “concluded Messi.

O Rei and friendship

The brazilian Pelé remembered Maradona and assured that the friendship built will be “forever”, despite the confrontations throughout history.

“A year without you, friends forever,” the former Santos wrote on his Twitter., who went through health problems throughout this 2021 and also posted a photograph in which they both look happy during their youth.

Maradona and Pelé had several differences throughout their lives, but in recent times they got closer

In fact, the Argentine star helped him to enter the World Cup in Russia when the Brazilian arrived in wheelchairs due to his walking difficulties.

Manu’s debt

The former basketball player Emanuel Ginobili also remembered the star in dialogue with TN and assured that he owes “a debt of gratitude” to the “Ten” because he was “extremely generous” with him.

“I didn’t have much of a relationship with Diego, I had three or four encounters in which I manifested and He showed me unlimited generosity. It hurt a lot to have received that news a year ago. I owe a debt of gratitude to Diego, both with the moment of the foundation, as statements and when we are in the Olympic Games. Diego is really part of us “said the former San Antonio Spurs idol.

In 2019, Maradona said of the former basketball player in an interview with TyC Sports: “Manu Ginobili is above all, he is like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in soccer. Manu is a total phenomenon, I I think he is the best athlete in the history of Argentina. Happens what there is another who played with the ten that is on his heels “Fluff stated at the time.

“Above the rest”

Alejandro Dolina left his sentences regarding Diego one year after his death, in dialogue with “Las 24 del 10”, of the team of Rapporteurs. “Maradona is above the rest for real and artistic reasons. Although another appears that has similar conditions or better numbers, as is the case of Lionel Messi, to Diego’s legend we must add his whole melodramatic life, full of great, sad, tragic and funny events, as well as a personality that also admits a collection of adjectives “, appreciated the radio host and writer.

“To have had that life and that trajectory, behaving like he behaved, living the way he did, it comes as an added value to his wonderful plays. In addition, he, as a footballer, had a style or a fate that was also tragic. That is Maradona was more of a hero than all the other great players of these times “, Dolina concluded.

“Immortal left-handed genius”

Conmebol joined the messages in memory of the Ten. “Diego Armando Maradona, Synonymous with football and mystique, he left the earthly world a year ago to pass towards the threshold of eternity. An Argentine hero, he conquered the hearts of world sports fans based on his extraordinary extraordinary talent, “the entity introduced in a statement.

“Immortal left-handed genius. Diego marveled the world from childhood to become the greatest exponent of Argentine football. With 33 goals in 90 games, he guided his team to two world finals, becoming since ’86 an eternal star in the albiceleste sky “, ponders the South American entity.

“Diego’s legacy is and will be indelible for football. The dexterity of his feet and his skills as captain and scorer will be eternally remembered; and Wherever a dreaming child is, there will be his heart, from the 10th, a tremendous player and a tireless fighter, “he continued.

“Diego Maradona is the designation of winner, a hallmark of South American DNA and considered by many to be the best of all time. We may never see a player like him again, astute, leader and excellent dribbler, but his memory remains valid in every corner where a ball rolls, “he concluded.

The possible hug

Damián Juárez, a River fan, and Luis Manrique, a Boca fan, starred a year ago, during the last goodbye to Diego, a hug that expresses another Maradonian miracle: communion in his figure, in football, in Argentina.

In an image that went around the world and that allowed them to seal a unique friendship, that point of contact always possible He returned with the memory of both a year after the departure of the Ten.



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