A year before the presidential election, Republicans are formalizing “impeachment proceedings” against Biden

With just days until the start of the election year, Republicans in the House of Representatives have just received the votes they needed to formally launch an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. This does not mean that the process is inevitable, but it is true that three of the four previous times the House of Representatives made this decision ended in “impeachment.”

After months of investigations, Republicans claim without any hard evidence that Biden benefited from his family’s foreign business dealings. Given the lack of evidence and in anticipation of the legal challenges the White House will launch, Republicans have filed a motion a formal vote to gain access to further information. “Today’s resolution simply formalizes this investigation and gives the House full authority to enforce its previously rejected subpoenas,” the Oklahoma Republican said Tom Cole. The resolution authorizes the three panels leading the investigation to request materials for the grand jury and also allows outside attorneys to be hired to assist in the investigation.

The vote came hours after Hunter Biden, the president’s son and the main focus of the investigation, defied a subpoena to testify behind closed doors about his business dealings in Ukraine, China and other countries. Biden’s second man spoke at a press conference this Wednesday for the first time since his term in office Twice charged with tax offenses and fraud. “I’m here,” Hunter said, “let me be as clear as possible: my father had no financial interest in my company, either as a practicing lawyer or as a board member of Burisma, nor in my partnership with a private entrepreneur. Chinese, neither in my investments at home nor abroad.

Hunter has said he is willing to testify publicly if necessary, but not privately. That would be a “farce,” he said, because the Republicans in the House of Representatives have always tried it “Dehumanize me and harm my father.” In addition, he said he feared that only part of his statement would be leaked to distort his words.

Republicans also want to investigate whether the Biden administration interfered in the Justice Department’s investigation of his son or whether the president mishandled classified documents as vice president or senator. So far the opposition has prevailed against the government 36,000 pages of bank records, 2,000 additional activity reports “suspicious” from the Treasury Department, as well as several statements from two of Hunter Biden’s partners, but nothing concrete at the moment.

Shortly after learning of the formalization of the impeachment inquiry, Joe Biden expressed regret “instead of doing your urgent work that is so necessary”the Republicans “They are wasting their time on this baseless political ploy that even Republicans in Congress admit is unsupported by facts.”.

The truth is that this process will take several months in 2024 and will be a major headache for a president who, at the age of 81, has decided to gamble on re-election despite the polls becoming increasingly unfavorable. Once the investigation is complete, the full House of Representatives will vote on whether to impeach Biden. If so, the Senate with a Democratic majority will hold the impeachment trial and vote to remove the president.

To date, no president has been removed from office. Some experts believe that this announced failure to impeach the Democrat is actually more of a Republican strategyThey divert attention from the actual legal situation facing their likely nominee, Donald Trump. The former president has not yet responded for 91 felony in 4 different criminal cases, in 4 different states in the country. A strategy to make an election year even more toxic that has every component imaginable. There are even those who are already talking about using this process as a “counterprogram” to the possible federal trial that Trump faces in March over his attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

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